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Which Web Hosting company is the best?

It has become a common thing to have your own website or blog these days. People are getting used to sharing their views, thoughts, feelings and opinions over the web via their sites and blogs. This tendency is growing at a rapid pace than ever before. Although you can create your own blogs with sites like Google blogger (blogspot) and WordPress for free, it is with your own websites that you will get a lot of technical freedom to do whatever you want. Besides with free blog sites like blogspot.com (blogger.com) and wordpress.com you would only get the blog on a sub domain like “example.blogspot.com” or “example.wordpress.com”. Also most of the good names are already taken, like, if you want to have the blog with your name and your name is one of those common names, most probably it is already taken. But with your own website you would have a lot of freedom and can manage it as per your liking. To start your own website you need to register your own website and take your own web hosting account. You will have to spend around $10 to buy your favorite domain name and since there are many domain tlds you could get your favorite domain name in at least one of those domain tlds. The registration prices of the domain names vary from company to company and domain tld to domain tld. Next you will have to buy web hosting from any of those famous and reliable web hosts. Let’s discuss which kind of web host you will have to sign up with for your web hosting needs.

There are two main kinds in web hosting; one is Unix based web hosting and the other one is Windows based web hosting. Unix (Linux) based web hosting runs on unix Operating system servers and support all those unix based applications and other common applications. On the other hand Windows based web hosting service runs on Windows servers and support all those windows related applications. For example you need to have windows web hosting if your website is asp (Microsoft Windows) based. The most widely used web hosting is Linux based. So, unless you have special needs you can go with Linux web hosting. There are many famous web hosting providers out there. Some of the big names are Hostgator, Hostmonster, BlueHost, DreamHost, The planet, Network solutions and many more. Almost all of these sites offer you different kinds of web hosting services; They offer you dedicated servers which cost around $300 a month, Virtual Private Servers which cost you around $100 a month, Reseller Hosting (This can be used to set up your own web hosting company with your own brand) and finally shared web hosting service, which is used by a large percentage of small websites since the service is cheap and costs only around $10 a month. If your site is small (I mean, if it is not for business purposes), you could just take a shared web hosting account with any of those reliable web hosting providers. But if you are planning for a big website you better take a dedicated server from one of those reliable companies like The Planet.

But whichever kind of web hosting plan you choose, you have to make sure you go with the best and most reliable web hosting provider in that sector. As far as I know, different companies are good in different types of web hosting like dedicated servers, VPS, Reseller web hosting and Shared Web Hosting. A web hosting provider which is good in shared web hosting service may not be good for dedicated servers and vice versa. There are some good companies for dedicated servers like The Planet web hosting. And for VPS there are some good web hosts like Liquid Web. And finally coming to shared web hosting, Hostgator web hosting is the best as far as I know, They are also good for your reseller web hosting needs. But before you sign up with a web host you need to do your own research despite what you read on websites like this one. You need to search for their reviews and see how much percentage of good reviews you get. Then again you can’t trust all those reviews you read on the web. Many people say that most of the web hosting reviews are biased and fake. Many people promote bad web hosts just because they get some nice commission on them. You should also check the uptime statistics of the web hosting company you are considering. Almost all of the web hosts offer 99.9% uptime and anything less than that may not be worth your money. There are some individual websites which monitor and list the monthly uptime records of various web hosting services.

One more area you have to concentrate on while selecting a good web host is the free feature set they offer. Almost all the web hosts offer you all those common and essential features for free. But some of those hosts charge you even for those common features. You need to check how much Disk Space and Monthly bandwidth you will get with the web host. Also see if they offer free cPanel to manage your web hosting account. CPanel is the most widely used and best control panels out there to manage your web hosting account. Some of those companies offer you custom made control panels to manage your web hosting accounts but you may not like them because most of them are hard to get used to and difficult to manage your accounts. And finally, Check if the web host offer any (30-day) kind of money back guarantee if you don’t like their service. And it would be better if that is “No questions asked money back guarantee”. If they offer some sort of money back guarantee should you don’t like their service, you could then cancel the web hosting account with them within the period and get all of your money back without any problems. So, do your own research and choose a best web host for your website. As far as I know The Planet are good for dedicated web servers, Liquid Web are good for Virtual Private Servers and Hostgator are good for shared web hosting service. Now the choice is yours.

Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

Best Shared Web Hosting Companies:

1. HostGator 2. BlueHost 3. HostMonster 4. WebHostingHub 5. DreamHost 6. Arvixe 7. HawkHost

Best Reseller Web Hosting Companies:

1. HostGator 2. GreenGeeks 3. HawkHost

Best VPS Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. HostGator 2. LiquidWeb 3. KnownHost 4. WiredTree

Best Dedicated Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. HostGator 2. LiquidWeb 3. SingleHop 4. WiredTree

Best Cloud Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. RackSpace 2. LiquidWeb 3. DigitalOcean 4. StormOnDemand
You need a domain name and a Web Hosting account to start your own website like this. Here are some Web Hosting Reviews of various companies which offer great Web Hosting services.

We recommend Hostgator web hosting be it Shared web hosting or Reseller web hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting or Dedicated Server web hosting
Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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