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Hostgator web hosting uptime review

Hostgator offers 99.9% uptime guarantee for all of its web hosting services, be it shared web hosting or reseller web hosting, or Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated servers. This uptime guarantee is backed up by their Terms of Service and if they fail to deliver 99.9% uptime for your hosting account then they can give you one more months web hosting FREE or something to that effect. It really depends on them and your web hosting account type (shared, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated) and the type of downtime problems you have had. You need to contact them about the uptime guarantee. It is no less a matter than any other web host’s TOS agreement.


But if you had a website which was making $1000 a day and if you had one day down time for your hosting account with Hostgator (which is highly unlikely, because Hostgator being one of the best web hosts out there … Then again any thing can happen to any company) meaning you lost the $1000 your websites hosted on the hostgator account because of the one day down time you had with Hostgator, then them giving you one month extra hosting for a VPS or dedicated servers which would amount to say $50 to $200 or more is pointless. Then again you have to accept the fact that you agreed with their TOS while signing up with them. And it is the same case with any other web host, not just Hostgator.


So, Back to Hostgator uptime information. If you have checked with any of the several of those web hosting companies uptime monitoring services, you should notice that Hostgator never had less than 99.9% uptime for any particular month. Most probably Hostgator uptime records would be like 99.95% to 100% every month. Almost all the uptime monitoring services for webhosting companies that I have checked show more than 99.9% uptime for Hostgator for a couple of years. But you need to keep a thing in mind here. The uptime records of Hostgator given by the uptime monitoring services are for their corporate websites only, that is Hostgator, but not for their customers’ websites. It is because big web hosting companies like Hostgator have several hundred or even thousands webservers and recognizing them or keeping track of each and every one of them and monitoring their uptime is beyond the scope of reality.


I mean, you won’t get all the web servers information of a company in the first place. So, for this fact almost all of the web hosting uptime monitoring companies only monitor the corporate web site of a particular web hosting company, Hostgator in this case. So, The fact is that just because the company website of hosting company has a uptime of more than 99.9% for every month since its start doesn’t mean all their web servers have more than 99.9% web hosting up time for each and every month. There maybe a lot of outrages because of the customer webistes’ scripts used on each server. This is where a company’s ability to keep their name as one of the best web hosts come into. If they can manage to keep the outrages of each and every server they own low, then they can be termed as a good webhosting company.


And if they fail to neutralize the effect of the outrage caused by one of their customer’s website’s scripts, that will result in a good amount of down time and a bad name follows that instance. It’s all how well they can manage their servers and how experienced they are in the web hosting business. So the fact is, You can’t just depend on the webhosting up time records of a company offered by those web hosting uptime monitoring services. In fact, it’s pointless to depend on such type of reports because the uptime record is just for the corporate websites. But if any web hosting uptime monitoring company offers the uptime records of each and every web server a particular web hosting company has, then you can depend on those records, provided the uptime monitoring service is offered by a trusted company.


Anyway, To know the real uptime of a web hosting company is to depend on the reviews of their users. The more good reviews a company has, the better their web hosting is. Also, Many web hosts offer and deliver over 99.9% for each and every month. But the web site loading time with their hosting is too slow, you should also make a note of that. Slow loading website means losing the visitors, because nobody waits to see for 10 or so seconds if a website loads, instead then would go for fast loading websites in Google search engine results pages. Ok, enough information about website uptime issue. Finally, What I think of Hostgator web hosting company uptime is “Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies which offers over 99.9% uptime each and every month and delivers the same with fast loading web pages. You cannot go wrong with Hostgator unless you are in the 0.1% of people who have had problems with hostgator”.

Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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We recommend Hostgator web hosting be it Shared web hosting or Reseller web hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting or Dedicated Server web hosting
Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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