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Hostgator web hosting customer reviews

I have got a couple of Hostgator customer reviews for you. These people are the users of Hostgator web hosting (shared, reseller, Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated servers) for more than one year. I would have given their sites hosted with hostgator web hosting but after thinking about it I have now decided not to include their web sites here. The kind of business we are in, most of the people don’t want to get their web properties OUTed, unless those are very big companies. Anyway, Let’s see what some of my friends that use hostgator for their web hosting needs have to say about Hostgator?

The first review by my friend John:

Hostgator is the best shared web host of all!

I have used many web hosts for my few pages websites and you should know why it’s better for you to use different web hosts for different sites if you are in the web developing business. Among the web hosts I have used for by small web sites are BlueHost, InMotion, Hostgator, JustHost, WebHostingPad, IPage, FatCow, HostMonster and DreamHost. Of all the above I like Hostgator shared web hosting than any other shared web host. Their service is super fast, their support is better than any other web host, their uptime is great (always over 99.95%). What more do you want? I feel safe with hostgator web hosting and I only use other shared web hosts along with hostgator for some of my other websites because I need to use them for some business related advantages. If anybody comes to me with a question “What shared web host should I go with?” then my answer would always be “Hostgator.com” as for now. I might change it to some other shared web host in future if and only if I find anything wrong with Hostgator, which I highly doubt.

The second review by Steve:

Hostgator reseller hosting is the best

I am a web designer by profession and I use Hostgator reseller web hosting package Diamond to host all the websites of my web designing customers who want to host the sites with a good web host. Not only do I host as many as 300 websites with the diamond package which costs $99.95 per month but also I sell small shared web hosting accounts to webmasters who need small shared web hosting accounts and earn more than $400 every month. It’s just like free extra money for me, since all the outside customers are webmasters, I don’t need to offer them much support and I manage all the aspects of the web hosting needs of my web design customers by myself. With Hostgator diamond reseller package I get 200 GB disk space and 1400 GB monthly bandwidth with the ability to create unlimited cPanel accounts and host unlimited websites for just $99.95 a month. And the mere fact is that Hostgator’s web hosting is top notch with no problems and over 99.9% uptime. I highly recommend Hostgator.com to anybody! In fact, I have already referred over 14 people to Hostgator directly.

The third review by Samson:

Hostgator for me any day of the year!

First my introduction: I am a full time webmaster and have been so since 2006. I have developed many successful businesses and I must say I owe some part of my success to Hostgator web hosting, those guys are amazing!


I have been using Hostgator for over two years now and once I realized how great a web hosting company they are I started promotion Hostgator both online and ofline for business growth and for friends. I must say both their live chat and ticket support is one of the best out there, they sure know a lot about web hosting. I signed up with them two years ago for a Baby shared web hosting account. And once I started getting good amount of traffic I upgraded to their medium VPS plan (about one year ago). And now I own a PRO dedicated web server with them and host hundreds of medium traffic websites on it. All this while, I mean from my first shared web hosting account to Virtual Private Server and then to the high powered PRO dedicated server I have never had any problems with their hosting. I always got great support and great page-loading time and great uptime (100% for most of the months). I don’t know much about Hostgator as a reseller web host but I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a good shared web host or VPS server or Dedicated server. Those guys are really amazing.

Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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We recommend Hostgator web hosting be it Shared web hosting or Reseller web hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting or Dedicated Server web hosting
Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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