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Yahoo email Spam Filters not good

Yahoo occupies No. 1 position in Alexa traffic rankings. There may be many services that Yahoo offers, but Yahoo mail is the most important to them among those services. In my opinion, Yahoo Mail is the one which gave them first place in Alexa rankings famous websites list. Yahoo news and Yahoo Search Engine and other services may be one of the top services offered by the company but Yahoo mail is certainly the most popular service among Netizens. The close rivals to Yahoo in email service providers are MicroSoft’s Hotmail and Google’s Gmail.

Yahoo Email service seems to be going down these days. Their spam email filters seems to be incompetent, they cannot stop most spam mails. Many Yahoo Email users complain they are getting many SPAM emails in their INBOX and Yahoo is unable find them and weed them out to the SPAM folder. Even I am getting a lot of spam emails in my inbox, which should actually be sent to the spam folder in Yahoo email service. I think, it is high time Yahoo did something about improving their Spam Filters efficiency or many other people would leave Yahoo for either Gmail or Hotmail just like a good percentage of free email service users doing. If it happens, It would certainly affect the No.1 status of Yahoo.