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Top web browsers list

If you browse the web on a PC, one thing you can’t say I-don’t-know-about-it is a web browser. There are many web browsers out there. Some of them offer better functionality over other browsers some of them are equipped with rich set of great features and some offer fast browsing and better security over others. Back in the 90′s there used to be a few web browsers, but to day we have hundreds of web browsers to choose from.  Below is a list of top and famous web browsers widely used to browse the web. Just know, this is just a randomly given list, the order of them has nothing to do with their importance.

1     Microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer     (Internet Explorer)

2     Mozilla.com/en-US/firefox     (Firefox)

3     Google.com/chrome     (Google Chrome)

4     Apple.com/safari     (Safari Browser)

5     Opera.com     (Opera Browser)

6     Browser.netscape.com     (Netscape Navigator)

7     Seamonkey-project.org     (SeaMonkey Browser)

8     Kmeleon.sourceforge.net     (K-Meleon Browser)

9     W3.org/Amaya     (Amaya Web Browser)

10     Maxthon.com     (Maxthon Browser)

11     Flock.com     (Flock Web Browser)

12     Flashpeak.com/sbrowser     (Slim Browser)

13     Srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php     (SRWare Iron Browser)

14     Avantbrowser.com     (Avant Browser)

15     Lynx.isc.org     (Lynx Browser)