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Roboform password manager

Roboform password manager is one of the best password managers available on the web. Even though it is a paid software, you can use it for free for saving and using upto 10 passwords. If you have more login details to save, you will then need to buy the license to activate the software. Once you bought the license it will then allow you to save unlimited logins (username and passwords of websites). It lets you configure itself to use different kinds of encryption to save your passwords. The types of the encryption algorithms it uses are AES, DES, 3DES, RC6 and Blowfish. This piece of software is one of the best for the features it offers.

Besides being a great password manager, it also works as a great form filler and can automatically fill forms for you once you setup the details of the forms and save them. The form filler feature is very useful for people who need to repeatedly fill up forms with their personal details or some other details. I have seen many people make use of this great form filling software in directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking submissions etc. With the help of this software you can fill out one long form with just one mouse click once you have saved the information in the fields.

Roboform is the best paid password when it comes to the features it offers as far as saving passwords is concerned. It automatically saves the exact URL of the site and can automatically fill out the login forms provided you set it to do it automatically. Since it saves the URL location of the site, the tricks and tactics of any phishing sites to steal your logins won’t work with it. It lets you choose a master password to open all the passcards (the saved files of each sites login details are called passcards) and that’s what you just need to remember THE MASTER PASSWORD to login to all the sites you have accounts with.

With Roboform you can also set an employee/ supervisor password. It works like this: You set about half of the password for your employees and give the password details to them and the other half of the password you remember (with the first half of the password). So the employees can login to whatever sites they need to login while working under you, but they can’t see the password or edit them. But on the other hand, as a supervisor, you can see the passwords and edit them since you know the full password (the first half and the second half).

But you must remember your master password once you protect all the roboform passcards with the master password. If for any reason you forgot the master password, then no one in this world can help you retrieve the password, not even those elite hackers if that master password is more than 12 characters. Forget your master password, and it simply means you can’t login to any of the sites that are saved as passcards unless you know the login details of each and every site and enter them manually in the fields. You can save all the login details of the sites in a plain HTML file and print it out for future use, for safety, just in case you forget the master password. Roboform password manager is the best, simple and easy password manager in terms of security, features and ease of use.

Password Managers like RoboForm safe to use?

I have been using RoboForm password manager for a couple of years now without any problems. But recently, while I was surfing the Web, I got to read about two cases where the victims said their mail accounts, website logins and cPanel accounts were hacked because of the password manager they were using, they were still doubtful about it though. If your login details are not safe with these password managers then what is the purpose of using them? Paying them to hack your accounts? Unfortunately, in both the cases the software they were using was RoboForm password manager (they were still doubtful though that it was because of RoboForm).

So, I went on a crusade to find any bad information about RoboForm Password manager. I have tried different searches like “RoboForm a spyware”, “RoboForm steals your passwords”, “RoboForm is not safe” etc but didn’t find any bad information about it. All the information I found was in favor of RoboForm like “RoboForm is the safest password managers of all”, “It is the most secure software”. So, I can conclude this post with a statement that “RoboForm is safe to use”, at least for now. I will keep on searching about any information regarding if the password managers are safe or not and let you know about it.

Which Password Manager do you use?

Password Manager is a software which is used to store your login details of a website (Username and password), your personal data safe. You can store all of your favorite websites’ login details using Password Managers safely and securely. There are many Password Managers available out there, both free and paid. Almost all of them use strong Algorithms and strong encryption to make sure your passwords and usernames are safe. But which one to choose?

Personally, I use Roboform password manager, a shareware (you can use it for free upto 10 passwords). Roboform is an excellent password manager and form filler. It uses strong encryption to make sure your passwords are safe and secure.

For free there are softwares like KeePass. KeePass is a free/open-source password manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure and easy way.

Another free (and premium version) password manager that I hear good things about is Last Pass. It is said to be an excellent password manager and form filler.

Another free one is Comodo i-Vault, an excellent password manager.It has got all the options to store all of your sensitive information.

Another one is Sticky Password manager, a shareware. It is an intelligent form filler and password management program. It remembers and automatically fills in login, password and other fields.