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Download portable versions of software here

What is a portable version of a software? Normally, when you install a software package on your computer it creates some registry entries in the registry along with the required files in the installation folder. Without either the installation folder files or the registry entries you can not run a software program. That means you can only use a software in the same computer that it was installed.

Portable versions of software are the programs that use no registry entires in the installation of a software program. So, It can be installed in your pendrive, USB drive, U3 drive …any removable drive and run it on any computer after you have attached the removable drive to the computer. In the installation of Portable software versions only installation files are created in the installation folder and no registry entries are created. This kind of software is very useful since you can carry it anywhere in your removable drive and use the program on any computer in seconds. Download some portable versions of software here.