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One.com web hosting uptime review

One.com web hosting service doesn’t want to offer an exact number of uptime guarantee. They say “we will always try to make sure that your sites are always online. But we cannot still guarantee that it will be 100% uptime since there are situation beyond on our control. We try to make it to 99.95% uptime”. So, that means there is no uptime guarantee and even if your sites get down for an hour or two still you can not ask them “Why are my sites down for over an hour” with authority. So, temporarily forget about uptime! Let’s see how fast the page loading speeds of websites hosted by One.com. For that you need to know any websites hosted by One.com. The page loading speeds of a website is as important as a good uptime guarantee. If your website pages take forever to load, the visitors (customers) are not going to wait for your websites to load leisurely but they will close your site and go for another website. That’s why fast page loading speeds are an important factor for your websites. It’s important to have an 99.9% uptime guarantee with fast page loading speeds.

One.com web hosting customers reviews

To find out the real web hosting customers reviews of One.com all you have to do is go to Google.com and search for keywords like “One.com web hosting customers reviews”, “One.com hosting customers reviews”, “One.com reviews”, “One.com web hosting sucks”. Then you will see a lot of search results pages. You will have to go through each and every result carefully and see what they are talking about One.com. By going through the results you will know in which areas One.com web hosting is good and in which areas the web hosting service is bad. If there are many bad reviews about the company, it is an indication that you stay away from the web hosting service it offers. But on the other hand if there are many good reviews and a few bad reviews then you can take it that the web hosting service offered by the company is good and you can go ahead and sign up with them. You will have to see if they also offer any uptime guarantee and money back guarantee. With money back guarantee you can feel safe because if anything turns out to be bad during the money back period you can always cancel the account and get your money back.

One.com web hosting plan

One.com offers one web hosting plan with different disk space options. Their base plan with 5GB disk space starts $1.44 per month (Free first year at the time of writing this article). Their 30GB plan is priced at $3 monthly, 60GB plan is priced $5.65 monthly, 120GB plan is priced $11.30 monthly, 250GB plan is priced $22.60 monthly, 500GB plan is priced $45.20 per month, 1TB plan is priced $90.40 per month and their 2 TB plan is priced at $180.80 per month. Some other features of this plan are unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, 15 day money-back guarantee. One time Setup fee USD 13.80 is applicable.