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Present Continuous Tense

1. Present Continuous Tense is used to describe the actions which are taking place at the time of speaking.

Example: 1. Sam is in the car. He is on his way to work. He is driving to work. This means, he is driving now, at the time of speaking. The action is still going on, it is not finished.


I am driving
He/She/It is working
We/You/They are going etc

2. I am doing something = I am in the middle of doing something, I have started doing it and I haven’t finished yet.


Please don’t make so much noise, I am trying to concentrate.
Where is Kumar? He is taking a shower.
Let’s go out now, It isn’t raining any more.

The action is not necessarily happening at the time of speaking. For example: Paul is talking to a friend on the phone. He says: I am reading a really good book at the moment. It’s quite interesting. Paul is not reading the book at the time of speaking, he is on the phone talking to his friend. But he used the present continuous tense because he means that he has started it, but has not finished it yet. He is in the middle of reading the book.


Sam wants to pursue a career in MMA. So he is learning various martial arts. (but perhaps he isn’t learning martial arts at the time of speaking.
Some friends of mine are building a small boat. They hope to finish it by next month.

You can use present continuous tense with today/ this week/ this month etc. (time periods around now)

You are going to work early today.
Yes, I have got a lot to do.

Our company is not doing so well this year.

We use the present continuous tense when we talk about changes happening around now, especially with verbs.

Example: How is your English, Is it getting better?
The population of the country is increasing very fast.
At first I didn’t like my role, but I am beginning to enjoy it now.