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Where to buy domain names

The first step of creating your own website or blog starts with registering a domain unless you want to have a free sub domain blog with sites like google blogspot, wordpres, tumblr etc. So where to buy your domains? There are many domain registrars out there and you can register your domains with any one of them. Some of the big names in domain registrations business are GoDaddy, Enom, Register, NameCheap, Name, 1 and 1, NetFirms, Network Solutions, TuCows etc etc. Some of them offer cheap promotional domain registrations, some of them offer great features, some offer very low price registrations. But you need to do your own research before choosing a domain registrar.

It is because most of the domain registrars promote their domain registration services to a point where you begin to hate them once you see what they are doing. GoDaddy is the top domain registrar as far as the number of domain registrations done via that company is concerned but some good percentage of the domainers hate them simply because they hate their business practice, the over-promotion they do both on their corporate website as well as via emails once you sign up with them. Also there are many horror stories of the (former) customers of many domain registrars. So, Choose a better domain registrar for your domain registrations. As far as I am concerned I use the following:

NameCheap.com domain registrar

Name.com domain registrar

GoDaddy.com domain registrar

Dynadot.com domain registrar

All of the above offer low price domain registrations, many free and cool features, they all accept PayPal as well as all major Credit Cards. Their control panels are easy to navigate and here is the best part, I have had great experience with all of them for my 3+ years of being their customer. Once you have bought a domain name then you can buy a Web Hosting account from any of the web hosting companies listed in that link.

Domain name registrars

When you have decided to start your online business or your personal website/ blog first you are faced with a question; that is which domain name to choose and which domain registrar to go with! It’s very important to choose a better sounding domain name and more important thing here is to register it with a trusted domain name registrar, not to mention which offers some really cool free features. Besides, you have to choose a good domain registrar which offers domains at cheap prices. Sure there are a lot of great registrars, but some of them charge almost 3 to 4 times higher price than most of those what I call cheap (affordable) domain registrars.

Some of the domain name registrars I know are Register.com, Godaddy.com, Enom.com, EuroDNS.com, NameCheap.com, Name.com, Dynadot.com, etc. And there are many more big and trusted domain registrars out there. But are the prices of all these companies the same? No, Some offer a .com domain at $35 a year and some offer at around $9 a year. So, Now you will have to do some research, search for the reviews of the companies that are considering to register your domains with, compare their prices and the free features they offer and make your own choice. But the most important thing you have to keep is mind is to check how trusted the domain registrar is. There were already some bad instances in which a large number of people lose all their domains for simply choosing a bad registrar.

It’s better if your preferred domain registrar is ICANN accredited, the body which manages domain related services. It’s not that resellers of some big registrars are bad but it’s better to go with a ICANN accredited registrar. NameCheap was a reseller of Enom and was not accredited to ICANN even long after it got some really good reviews on the web. Yet, people kept faith in its services and made it what it is today, NameCheap.com is my favorite domain registrar. NameCheap offers some really cool free features like URL forwarding, Free Whoisguard to protect your online privacy (not all TLDs support it), these days they are even giving out one year free SSL certificates. They also release a discount coupon monthly for you to get some (around 10%) discount for new domain registrations.

Another domain registrar I know that offers domains at cheap price is GoDaddy.com, although I don’t use them since I don’t like their way of doing business I must say the company is the most popular domain registrars out there. A large percentage of people that I know use Godaddy as their domain registrar. But I also heard some bad reviews about them (check NoDaddy.com if you want to know more). Godaddy offers some real cool discounts on their products every month. You can check their website for more details. Yet another cheap and trusted domain registrar is Name.com. Their prices are under $10 for a .com and they also provide free privacy protect service with their domains. I have got some domain with them too. Every now and then they offer best discounts for their domains. You should often check their website too if you want to make use of best domain deals.