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.co.in second level domain information

.Co.in TLD is actually the second level domain of the main .in domain TLD. So, if you have registered a .co.in TLD domain and hosted a site on it, you can’t actually call it a main domain but it is more like a sub domain site. Suppose you registered “example.co.in” domain and hosted a site on “example.co.in” then the site is just like the site of a google blogger’s “example.blogspot.com” and wordpress’ “example.wordpress.com”. So .co.in is a second level domain and not a TLD (Top level domain) like .com or .net or .org or even .in. It is just a domain name which offers second level domain registrations. And since the TLD .in belongs to India, and the .co.in domain was registered in keeping Indian companies in mind, the TLD is mainly used for websites doing business or offering services in India.


But for a long time, when .in TLD was less active, the .co.in TLD dominated all the other Indian web businesses. There was a time when almost every Indian company that had some web presence had only the .co.in second level domain website like firstcompany.co.in and secondcompany.co.in etc. People used to think (even me) .co.in was India’s official domain TLD. But things are changing rapidly now with the active registrations of .in TLD, which is India’s officially assigned TLD. Both the domains .co.in and .in rank very well in local Google search engine Google.co.in (See even Google has the .co.in second level domain as their official Indian local search engine). .Co.in domain TLDs’ are less costly compared to main .in TLDs both for new registrations and renewals but of course this depends on the registrars you register your .in or .co.in domains with. As far as I know .co.in domains are registered by any national in the world (unless there are any restrictions that I don’t know of) and you should get your .co.in domain (as well as .in) website if your company, website, online representation represents India.