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How to block images from getting displayed on Firefox

If you are browsing the web and are on a very slow network (slow dial-up internet connection), you would have to painfully watch the website pages load very very slowly and it’s really very annoying. And if you are using Firefox web browser, you can block images on websites (if images are not necessary for your web browsing) and marginally decrease the page loading time of various websites. This is only useful to you images of those websites are not important to you. Also you should keep one thing in mind that most of the websites use images for login form fields. So if you block images, you may not be able to see the login fields to sign into your accounts. So it’s always better to login to your accounts first and then block images from loading on your firefox browser.

Since images account for large part of the data of a web page, it will always speed up the page loading time if you block the images from loading on firefox. To block images from loading all you have to do is click “Tools” in the menu bar and then select “Options” and when the “Options” dialogue box opens look for “Content” tab at the top of the box and click it and it will open a new set of options. Uncheck the “Load images automatically” tick box and click “OK” at the bottom of the box. And now onwards no images on any website loads on firefox, which would save you a lot of web page loading time. And it you want to load images for certain sites you can use the “Exceptions” tab placed next to the “Load images automatically” tick box option and put whatever website URLs you want to see the images on and click “OK”. These settings don’t need to restart your Firefox browser and works from the very next web page loading once you saved the options. Happy fast browsing on a very slow internet connection.