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Best Multimedia players list

On your personal computer multimedia player is a must if you use your PC for entertainment purposes sometimes. There are many multimedia players available on the web at the moment. Back in those days there was only Windows Media Player and were hardly any alternatives. However, only some media players are good for playing audio songs and only a few of them are good for video ie watching movies etc even though most of those media players are capable of playing both the medias. Although all those media players can play most of those multimedia, only a few of those players are good at giving you best audio sound as well as best video picture quality. That’s why there is always some debates going on many websites on the web as to which media player is the best as far as multimedia is concerned. Below is a list of top media player available on the web for the present time.

1     Videolan.org/vlc     (VLC Media player)

2     Kmplayer.com/forums     (KM Player)

3     Sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli     (Media Player Classic)

4     Inmatrix.com     (Zoom media player)

5     Gomlab.com/eng     (GOM Player)

6     Winamp.com     (WinAmp audio video player)

7     BsPlayer.org     (BS player)

8     Rulesplayer.altervista.org     (Rules Player)

9     Real.com/realplayer    (Real Player)

10     Divx.com     (Divx player)