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Which Antivirus software is the best?

Antivirus software is an essential one in the list of the installed programs of your computer if you use your machine to browse the internet. Even if your computer is not connected to the web, you still need to use a good antivirus program on your PC to make sure you won’t get it infected with any of those malware programs that may still get into your system via CDs, DVDs and portable data storage gadgets like pendrives. There are many ways that your computer may get infected so you must have an effective antivirus software. If you are browsing the web you may get infected by just visiting a website, even if you don’t download anything you might still get infected by visiting a website owing to those iframe malware. And if you only use your PC for offline purposes, you might still get infected by just browsing through the files of any infected cds, dvds and pen drives. So, Here what I want to tell you is Antivirus software is a vital one for your computer no matter if you only use it for offline purposes. Antivirus software can prevent the malware and can clean them or can delete it completely if necessary.

There are a couple of dozens of famous brand antivirus softwares available out there, but which among them is the best bet for your computer? Also you should note one thing here, You should only use one antivirus software on your computer at a time. You may (need to find out if they co-exist) use other security software like antispyware along with your existing antivirus but it is advisable to use only one antivirus at one time for having more than one antivirus on your system leads to conflict among them and would affect your PC’s performance and might even break it. There are many famous antivirus brands out there, some of them are Eset Nod32, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Symantec Norton antivirus, Trend Micro, AVG, Avira, Avast, Panda, Microsoft, F-Secure, Comodo Antivirus, Sophos, PC Tools antivirus, QuickHeal, ClamAv and some more. But which, among them, is the best antivirus? One thing you have to keep in mind is “the famous and most widely used may not necessarily be the best”. From what I know many people around the world use Symantec Norton to protect their systems and Norton is the most widely used antivirus software in the world, But in my opinion it is not the best out there.

Almost all the antivirus programs use advertising to get their products into consumers. So, if a company uses a lot more advertising for its products than other companies, the consumers may think it’s the best and most famous antivirus software out there because that’s what they see everywhere and they may convince themselves and buy the products. In this world, Most of the time what matters is hype and promoting yourself. So, for your hunt for the best antivirus program take out the “The most famous and widely used one” thing. The other things that you have to consider are VB awards for antivirus programs and awards by some of those famous online review sites and antivirus software download sites. Also, you could join some of those famous web security sites and forums to learn more about antivirus software for effective solution to your web security. Virusbtn.com is a site which conducts tests to find out how good an antivirus program is. You should visit their site to learn more about your favorite antivirus and how they fared in the tests conducted by them. The link (virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/results?display=summary) is where you find out the results of the tests featuring many famous antivirus programs. You could also rely on the Editor Choice awards (like CNET Editor Choice award for best antivirus) of famous sites like CNet (download.com), PCMag, Softpedia etc.

You could also search for the reviews of antivirus programs you want to purchase. Sure some of those reviews are biased but you would get a feel about what you actually need to protect your computers from online threats. Since almost all the antivirus companies offer free trial versions of their paid software (if not free), you could just learn more about the performance of your choice antivirus software by installing them on your PCs. But keep one thing in mind, Install (run) only one antivirus software at a time. Running more than one may cause serious problems to your machines. Along with it you should install one antispyware and a personal firewall of your choice (since windows firewall is said to be very basic and doesn’t monitor outbound traffic). You could install Malwarebytes anti-malware with almost all major antivirus software for anti-spyware protection. You could also install Prevx evolution scanner to add more security to your system. And coming to firewall, You could go for Zonealarm or Comodo or Outpost firewall or any other good personal favorite of yours. And coming back to the original topic of which anti-virus is the best, There is no perfect antivirus out there for new kinds of Malware (virus, adware, trojans, worms etc) is developed every hour by those hackers and spammers.

As far as I am concerned, I have used Eset Nod32 antivirus, Kaspersky antivirus and Bitdefender antivirus on my systems and they all did a good job. All three of them offer complete security suits that come with one antivirus software, one anti-spyware and a personal firewall. So you could also try their security suits to beef up your PC’s security. That said there is no 100% guarantee that your system will be 100% secure with their antivirus products … with any security software for that matter. It’s about using the best antivirus security software available to you. In the past I used to hear that Bitdefender antivirus would pick up some false positives. So be careful about that. False positives are genuine and harmless (system) files or programs that are flagged as malicious programs by some of those antivirus software, So if you choose an antivirus which may flag a good file or program as malware and then you would clean or delete it with the software, you may find yourself in troubles. So, Do your own research and find a good antivirus program to secure your personal and business computers as well as your online privacy.

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