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Dofollow forum signature backlinks any good for rankings?

Are the do-follow forum signature backlinks any good for rankings in Google and other search engines? The question has arrived from the theory that any backlinks that you can get for your sites easily (forum signatures are self promotional links) are treated with the least importance in dofollow backlinks. If that is the case all those Social Bookmarking links, directory submission links, article submission links, blog comment links etc should be given the same importance as the dofollow forum signature links. I think search engines give great importance to the backlinks that you get from relevant niche, high PR, quality websites and all the other do-follow links are given the next and last level of importance.

I think with dofollow forum signature backlinks you can easily rank on the first page of Google for most of those low-competed keywords, although they may not bring much traffic to your sites. As far as the backlinks are do-follow you are sure to get somewhat ranking improvement in SERPS. So, if you have a chance to get some good amount of backlinks GRADUALLY, it’s always recommended that you go for them. And since you can get forum signature backlinks easily by just creating an account with most of those famous do-follow backlinks and post one or two posts every now and then, you should register as many forums as possible and promote your websites that way. With active participation on many of those high traffic forums you would get some good amount of daily traffic as well as good do-follow backlinks. Also, It’s recommended that you create accounts on forums relevant to the niche of your websites and keep posting a few posts daily, that way you would get more exposure to your sites and more visitors because of the same niche plus point.

But never spam forums with your website links, I mean, never post the links of your sites in the body text of a post without any real need. I mean, you can post a link of your site’s article if the thread is relevant to the topic and your link has any value to offer. But never do blatant spamming with your links all over the forums and the web. That would not only get your accounts banned on the forums but also your sites would be viewed as spam (even if someone else spammed your site on web forums, sadly!). There are some seo services offering companies which gets forum backlinks for your sites for a couple of hundred dollars for say 500 forum backlinks, be it signature links are forum post body links (they may spam your sites, beware with such kind of services). The best way is to get your own forum signature dofollow links by participating on forums daily.

Dofollow forum signature backlinks definitely improve your websites’ serp rankings, be it a slight improvement or huge improvement. It also depends on the niche of your site as to how much the forum signatures improve your rankings in google and other search engines. If the niche of your sites is highly competed, then the ranking improvement with signature backlinks would be low. But on the other hand if your niches or low-medium to low competed then your chances of getting good SERP improvement are high. Also it depends on how many backlinks you are getting gradually (gradually is important, isn’t it??). Since, forum signature backlinks are free and takes not much effort, sign up with as many high-traffic dofollow forums as you could and start promoting your sites that way for both some good daily traffic and search ranking improvement gradually.

Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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