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Which Laptop brand is the best?

Laptop is fast replacing the conventional Personal Computer. It is easy to carry unlike those personal computers or desktops which you can never dream of taking out with you even in your car, let alone with you on the walk. On the other hand Laptops only weigh a couple of pounds and with the help of those wireless internet USBs you can carry the world with you. Even though a large number of people have replaced their PCs with a Laptop, there are still a lot of scope for the laptop market all over the world. The number of laptop users is increasing but it is still in a low percentage compared to the mobile phone users and other communication gadget users. There are many kinds of laptops from different brands with different configurations. You need to select one which can best cater your needs.

The two main kinds of laptops are 1: Laptops which use windows operating systems 2: Laptops which use Apple’s OSX, Macbooks. Though each one of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, Many people still choose a Windows OS Laptop, i.e. the conventional laptops. That’s not denying the fact that the number of Macbook lovers is increasing. I hear most people say that Apple Macbooks are good for gaming related use and though they are almost as good as windows laptops, they are still behind Microsoft Windows when it comes to availability of supported software and other software related issues. On the other hand, the windows equipped machines are well known for the best features available and are the most widely used ones at present. While OSX operated Macbooks are produced by Apple, the Windows powered laptops are made by different companies throughout the world. But you need to do your own research to find out which kind of laptop is good for your needs before you head for the showrooms.

Some of the well known companies of laptop makers are Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Apple, HP, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Gateway, Asus, Acer, Sager and some others. And when it comes to the best brand of Laptops there are varied opinions. I heard some people say Toshiba laptops are the best, some others say Dell laptops are the best, some are big fans of IBM Lenovo Thinkpads and some say nothing can beat Apple OSX Macbooks. So the fact is almost all the brands have good reviews and bad reviews, but you need to find which laptop brands have better percentage of good reviews over other laptop brands and which have less percentage of bad reviews. Here is one thing that you need to keep in mind. You can’t trust all those reviews that you read on the web, it is because the word is that many people post fake reviews on websites in order promote some companies and to through dirt on other companies by posting bad reviews about them even though, in fact, the laptops made by them are good working and durable. I am not sure if the companies themselves hire those people to hike their sales and to eat into the market of other brands but what I want to say here is don’t trust all those laptop reviews.

As for me I trust IBM Lenovo Thinkpads, Dell and Toshiba machines. Because I have seen many of my friends use them for a long time without much problems. Then again we all use the machines for general use, not for some special purposes like extensive gaming or video watching or for any other special purposes. If you are a gaming freak and want to buy a laptop for specially games you need to check on many features like video graphic card, Ram, Processor power etc, Same is the case for video watching. But if you are looking to buy a laptop for day-to-day general use, you can just check the most famous brands like Toshiba, Dell and IBM and see the best models that offer the kind of configuration you are looking for within your budget. Some of the main features you have to check in the laptop are the capacity of Hard Disk (like 320 GB), The processor power, Motherboard, the amount of Ram, Video and Graphic card MB etc.

So, Do some research in search engines like Google with keywords like “Laptop Reviews”, “Best Laptop Brands“, “Best Laptops” etc and make up your mind. Also you need to ask your friends and family members as to which kind of experiences they have with their Laptops and then choose the best one you can get within your budget. Whatever brand you choose almost all of the laptop companies offer at least one year waranty on their machines, so even if you go wrong with your selection you can always return the gadget to the company and get a new one or get the present laptop replaced with the same model should you think only the exact piece of that model is faulty. One more thing to keep in mind is to handle the machines sensibly, you can’t handle them roughly and expect long durability. We hope this article helps you choose a good laptop for your needs and stay happy with it.

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