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What is Maturity and what is your Maturity Level?

What is Maturity and what is your Maturity Level? : So what is Maturity?

The word “Maturity” can be defined in a number of ways by a number of people or books or anything. But as far as I am concerned Maturity is a mental state in which you can understand and decipher the meaning of actions done by people or actions that took place or will take place and leading a life without causing any troubles to others or causing any troubles to yourself by your actions. It means whatever you do should not cause people to laugh at you or show their anger as it has affected them in a bad way, provided they haven’t done anything bad to you earlier and you are not acting to take revenge on them.

Maturity is a mental state in which you can guess (almost correctly, if not 100%) the motive behind why something has happened in a certain way, why someone has done like that, and leading your life in a correct way, without showing any mental disorders like “making fun of others for no reason”, “behaving in a way that suggests you are better than others” kind of things. To guess the motive/cause behind why something has happened in a certain way, a mature person first thinks of all the possible causes that have prompted something to happen in that way. Later he would choose one, which has the most probability to be the actual one. In the same case an immature person might pick one just because he thinks that is the actual one behind the action, without thinking or giving much thought to the many possible ways behind the action.

The best example for an immature person is the one who sets different kinds of rules for others and different kinds of rules to themselves. I mean, what is right for them is considered to be wrong in the case of others by their immature thinking. These type of people are very dangerous and you’d better be away from them. Also a lot of people have immature desires like “to show others their wealth”, or “to show they are special by showing any of their skills only for the purpose of expecting some praise from others” or “to show others their expensive car” kind of things. Now, let’s talk about a case. Say there are two top-class bodybuilders, the first one has come to the field only because the likes his body in a great shape and it gives him self-satisfaction. But the second one has come to the field only to show others his good-shaped body and to show he is different from a common person. With that kind of mind set what he generally expects from others is praise and claps. Needless to say the second one is the immature (if possible, worst-mature) in the above case.

In my life, so far, I have seen a lot of people who simply live for others and not for themselves. I mean, they always try to make a good impression on others, whatever it is. Whatever they do, they do it to look good in the eyes of others. A girl I know tries to show others how many gold and diamond ornaments she has, whenever she goes to any functions or parties. A former friend of mine likes to show how wealthy he is by buying any new gadget or bike or car. The problem with this kind of people is they expect something in return, they expect some praise from you, they expect some amazed look from you. One guy tries to boast about how good he is at bike riding, one tries to boast how many girl friends he has, one tries to boast about his relations with celebrities, one tries…….. the list goes on. I used to frown at this kind of people, these days I simply stay away from them without even considering them humans.

Here comes the most dangerous as well as tactful people. This kind of people play a lot of tactics on others to their benefits. This so called friend of mine, when I was doing my graduation, used to ask me not to bring any friends to our room, not to be close to our seniors, not to go to others’ rooms. But he did all of them, he brought his as well as my friends to our room regularly, he maintained good relations with our seniors, he frequently visited others’ rooms. All he needed was some special attention towards him, he wanted the room to be called his room, he wanted to receive any benefits he might get from seniors all by himself, he wanted to be pictured as a good and social person by visiting the rooms of our classmates. The very first time he asked me not to bring any friends to our room and then he brought them to our room himself, I realized he was such kind of person. I kept calm and was on my normal daily routine as what he wanted (some special attention, the advantages of maintaining close relations with seniors, he wanted our room called ******’s room, LOL) was of no interest to me. What amazed me was this guy planned everything and lead his life according to the plan, but not career plans or anything to that effect. He planned how to become famous or how to attract the attention of people. Holy Crap, I can’t forget this immature character in my life.

Some more immature as well as dangerous people are “People who pretend to be your well wishers and actually work and feel happy for your failures”. One more type are “People who expect something (money or any damn thing) from you and act as your well wishers, generally these use tactics like “they would be of great help to you later” or “they matter a lot in the society so that you would get a lot of help from them later”. It’s not always easy to find out who is your well-wisher and who is a traitor. But, you can easily find out people who use this kind of tactics, ar least I did. I generally get pissed off if anyone started talking about how advantageous it is to me being with them. That would result in an instant cut-off from my side. If ever I need any help from anyone, I would just ask them that, but my attitude wouldn’t be like ” you will get these benefits from helping me this time”. I hate that kind of people.

I used to show somewhat interest in multiple choice tests titled “What is your Level of Maturity”, “How mature are you”, “Your maturity level” and “How good a human being are you” kind of tests until I noticed a good number of questions in each of these tests are missing the answers that I (want to choose) think are correct. Also a good number of their questions contained ridiculous answers, making it impossible to choose an answer. People are of different kinds, People think in different ways. These 4 answers to a particular question cannot satisfy the minds of crores of different people. Among them, at least a couple of lakhs of people should be mature, these four answers to a question cannot satisfy all of them either. So, the fact is you cannot estimate the Maturity Level of a person by these tests. Only a questionnaire where you can answer in detail with multiple paragraphs can estimate your “Maturity Level”. Although I don’t bother about these multiple choice question tests anymore, I still show a bit interest and read a couple of questions only to find out the tests are not for mature people. I still have to stumble on a correct maturity test.

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