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Paranormal Activity (2007) movie review

Paranormal Activity movie verdict: This movie is not bad, that being said I have no idea how it got 6.6 rating on IMDB with over 62,000 votes (62k). Whether you know the fact that it is a home made movie or not, you will soon understand it doesn’t really feel like a movie watching it. Maybe it’s kind of a fresh trend in horror movies (there are already quite a few movies of this genre before this movie) that it managed to got the 6.6 out of 10 stars rating on IMDB. But at least some people like me feel disappointed with this movie. Probably it was because I already read the story on wikipedia before watching this movie or perhaps I grew a lot of expectations on this movie by seeing all the hype. But I really believe this movie could have been a lot better. Just watch it at least once to form your own opinion on this movie.

When you make a movie the plot should be in a way that nobody should be able to find anything wrong with it. You can’t just make a movie with immature characters as the lead just because you want to scare your audience. In Paranormal Activity, the couple could just have locked the door (all the doors of the house) because they saw in the video that the door was moving on its own while they are sleeping. They could have moved to a hotel or another house as soon as they found out not everything was alright with the house or the things they were experiencing. And most importantly, as soon as they heard some loud noise (while in sleep) the first thing they should have done is to “Turn the lights on” in the bed room and any other room, instead of going out in the dark. And who is that guy, Dr. Fredrichs? I believe his character is the worst in the movie (or most of the movies I have seen, considering this movie only has single digit characters). As soon as he comes to their house the second time and leaves immediately saying something to the effect that he must leave the place immediately that his presence was only making the demon angry

… “I laughed out loud, thinking about the stupidity of the director (pardon me) of this movie, the stupid portrayal of Dr. Fredrichs character, the three characters involved in that scene, and the crew (friends of the director, actors etc) who watched the scene shot … and probably all those that liked the scene after watching the movie” …

By the way, I watched the Alternative Ending version in which Micah goes out on hearing her scream and then you hear some sounds of a possible struggle and then she returns into the room alone closes the door and slits her own throat at the end of the movie.

When they can see the foot prints of something, how was that possible that they didn’t vacate the place immediately? Did the director want the lead characters to be dumb and stupid or even insanely adventurous? Apart from some stupid scenes which lack sense, I like the acting of Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, the lead actors. Then again their acting is not great, in fact there is not much to show your acting skills in this movie. Paranormal Activity, in my opinion, doesn’t deserve 6.6 stars rating on IMDB. I would give the film only 5 stars at the most, even over 62 k times to make it equal to the rating given by the actual 62 k viewers who took it to 6.6 stars. Not that a great film Paranormal Activity is. Here is the IMDB link to this movie. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1179904/

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