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Gmail free email service by Google

Gmail free email service was started by Google in April, 2004. At that time there were only a few popular free email service providers out there, services offered by then big names on the web Yahoo email and Microsoft’s windows live Hotmail. Initially Google started gmail email service on invitation only basis. That means you could only get a gmail email if you get an invitation from the already gmail users. Probably this strategy did a lot to the success and popularity of gmail email accounts during that time. Besides by then people were bored by the limited features offered by Yahoo email and Microsoft’s Hotmail, which soon worked in favor of gmail.

I still remember when I got my first gmail email account through the invitation of an internet cafe owner friend. Before that I only knew Yahoo and Hotmail and was only using Yahoo email and was bored to death with the same features and limited email space offered by Yahoo. And when I found out Google started offering their free email service I tried long and hard to make my own account, I searched hard to find out the sign up screen on the gmail site but all I could find were the username and password fields with login button. Then when I asked the Internet cafe owner friend of mine about it he helped me setup my very own first gmail account by sending me an invitation. That’s when I felt a bit relieved after seeing the better color combination of the inbox of gmail email account, after logging into my account.

The main advantage of Google email gmail is that it offers so many free, cool features with lots of inbox space (it started with 2.something GB of space initially, I think). Besides I liked the color combination of the service once you logged into your account.  A couple of months ago it started the themes feature which lets you change the color combination schemes of your gmail inbox with just a couple of clicks. This feature saved the the lives of so many netizens who constantly get bored to death by having to deal with the same look of the interface they see daily. Also unlike most free email providers which deactivate your email accounts if you haven’t logged into them in a space of three months, Gmail has never deactivated my other gmail email accounts that I check less frequently (I just learned gmail deactivates your account if you haven’t logged into it in 9 months).

Some other cool features that set gmail apart from the regular free email providers are that gmail offer pop and imap functionality for even their free accounts. It also let you create different labels and assign them to your choice emails from different email addresses or emails come from different domains. One other cool feature is the gmail star, which lets you assign a star to incoming email from important email addresses of your choice. The star is bright enough to make you realize the importance of the email sender, great job Gmail! And with one mouse click on any of the several labels you created, you can see and check all the emails that fall under that label. Gmail also lets you send vacation responder automatic email to all the contacts that mail to you in a specific time frame while you are on vacation, to let them know you are on holiday, cool feature. Another good feature is signature which lets you add a signature to all the outgoing emails from your gmail free email account.

Finally, Gmail has come a long way since it was announced in 2004, seen some major improvements in the free email account sector, has offered some very cool features to their customers and has robbed the hearts of web email users. Gmail has grown a lot in a short span of around 6 years since its inception and today it is one of the most widely used free email service providers if not the most widely used one. It was all only possible because it’s a product promoted by the big G Google. If Gmail is not already the largest free email service provider by now, it sure is going to take the crown and emerge as the single largest email service provider in a couple of years, all because of the awesome features like pop, Imap, labels, themes, starring emails, filters, chat option within the account etc that  it offered to its users. Gmail you are the single best free email provider out there, Hats off to Google for its innovative and feature-rich products.

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Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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