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Cricket fans that hate Sachin Tendulkar saying he is selfish!

One sport that people in India are crazy about is Cricket. Since I am an Indian, I am also one crazy fan of this sport. Indians love this sport so much that if the Indian team fails to perform well, they would go to any extent to show their anger on the players, their actions will include (but not limited to) burning the effigies of the team members, throwing stones at their houses etc. Since Sachin Tendulkar is the god of Indian Cricket and proved himself to be  (one of) the best cricket player in present international cricket, the Indian cricket fans expect a lot from him and expect him to play a great innings to win the game for India.

Although the greatest batsman that he is and set some great records in international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has almost no (or very few) record of winning a game for India in which he has played a great innings (at least a century) in difficult situations of the innings of India and stood there in the crease batting till the end of the match. This fact has given the Tendulkar-Critics (yep, you need to coin that word, It’s that important) a chance to criticise the little master that he only plays for his personal records and never care about the interests of the country. And they also claim that he is not that a great batsman since he fails in most crucial times. If you go through the comments of these kinds of critics, at sites like Rediff and CricInfo, your blood would boil at a high temperature if you either are a great Tendulkar fan or a person who uses his brain and who has some good maturity levles.

So, by the last line of above paragraph, you must have understood that I call all those Tendulkar-critics IMMATURES. The reason for this is whatever dirt they want to throw at tendulkar has no point in any aspect. Let’s see why there are no points in their claims. First, They call tendulkar a selfish player who only plays for his own records and never give a damn about the interests of the Country. If that is their point, I have got this question for all of them. “Why would anyone want create new records in a game??” If the answer is for “FAME” (that should be the answer of those critics) I have got another question for them. “Do you think Tendulkar doesn’t know that he gets more fame by playing a winning knock for the country than making a century??” After all that would also be a record, contributing a great part of his own in most of the victories of a country. And also there has not been even a single incident in which he wasted so many balls to set up his personal record which eventually cost the game for India. So, here I want to make a statement “Sachin Tendulkar is not a selfish cricket player”.

The next thing the tendulkar-critics argue is that he is not a great cricketer as he fails in crucial moments of the game and has never contributed in a great win. Here, The thing is no cricketer (for that matter any player) in the world is PERFECT. Although they excel in most of the games, they also fail in at least some games. Sachin Tendulkar is no exception to this. The critics who question his contribution in a great win probably are forgetting all those centuries he made in both oneday cricket as well as test cricket format (43 and 42 centuries respectively) the highest by any cricketer in each of the formats. That means he contributed more great innings to his country’s cricket team than any other crickter did to their own country. All those critics talk about is only second innings batting statistics (chasing) of tendulkar in most of which games he failed to perform well. Sachin has scored more test cricket as well as oneday cricket runs than any other player in the world. That means he has contributed a lot more to the cricket of his country than any other player did to their own country.

So, All the Sachin Tendulkar-Critics that are reading this article, ACCEPT that Sachin Tendulkar is the gretest Cricket player ever born since the game was born. You are only criticizing him either because you are immature or because you think he is a perfect cricket player and expect him to slam a century (100 runs) in each and every game he plays. Or you are just criticizing him because you are jealous of his success as the greatest cricket player ever. So agree with what I have said above or post your comments, Peace Brothers!!

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