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Animal Attacks on Humans

Have you ever had an animal attack you? For me, I have almost never had to face any animal attack except for a couple of street dogs chasing my bike. It is because I live in a place where I never come across any wild animal. But what about the people who live in places where there wild animal interaction with humans is common? They normally carry arms to protect themselves from the vicious and often fatal animal attacks. Whatever precautions they may take sometimes they come across those situations in which they either lose their lives or get severely injured or lose their limbs. The human death toll of animal attacks is growing at some considerable rate year after year.

Some of the most common animals people come across in some places are Grizzly bears, Black bears, Polar Bears, Cougars, Mountain lions, Tigers, Lions and Leopards. All of these animals are capable of striking fatal blows and some of them are too strong for you to stand a chance at least for ten seconds. The bears, tigers and lions come under this category. There are hundreds of thousands all over the world people who live in hill areas, forests and near animal reservoirs. These are the people who make up the list of the large percentage of animal attacks victims.These people take a lot of safety measures to avoid any kind of conflict with animals but every now and then they face situations which they can’t avoid from happening.

On the other hand, there are these kinds of people who work closely with animals that fall prey to them. The list includes animal trainers, circus people, Zoo staff, pet owners and even zoo visitors who find themselves in fatal situations most often because of their stupidity and for not taking the primary precautions. I have seen a couple of videos in which circus animals attack their trainers and in some instances killing them. A couple of such instances include an elephant killing its trainer in a circus in some New Zealand and an elephant killing its handler in a festival (with a large crowd of people watching horrified and running for their lives in the background) in Kerala, India. Some other video shows you a wounded man in the clutches of a lion in a circus cage and they had to call in a police officer to kill the lion to save the severely wounded man. Another video shows a couple of lions killing an over-enthusiastic (apparently the man (victim) was a famous personality) photographer who stepped out of their car to take a couple of pictures of the lions over-closely. You get to see some disturbing scenes like the lions getting through his flesh and feeding on him while he was still alive, with some woman and a child watching the attack crying, helplessly sitting in the car.

From all these incidents what you learn is to stay away from animals and to be on your guard at all times if you live in a place where there is a chance for animal confrontation. Also you need to be extra careful if you are a pet owner or if you work with animals closely or even when you visit Zoos where the animals are kept in enclosures. You need to stay as far away from the cages of animals as possible. I saw one picture of the hand of a man (This happened in a zoo, probably Hyderabad Nehru Zoo, in India) which was ripped into pieces by the claws of a Tiger in a cage. The man apparently tried to take a photo of the tiger with his hands inside of the bars of the cage. Most probably he might have lost his hand, it was that severely injured. So take extra measures when you visit even the most secured Zoos. Also never play with wild animals, for that matter even with domesticated animals like Dogs. Have you seen a video in which a man places his head in the mouth of a crocodile and later struggles to get his head out of the (teeth) jaws of the crocodile?? He needed the help of around 4 men and some anxious moments (around 30 seconds) to get his somewhat bitten head back. You don’t want that situation, Right? So act cautiously with animals!!

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