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Hostgator domain name registrar

It appears that Hostgator seems to be doing its best to start its own domain name registrar company. In a recent mail I received from them (via some ad platform, CJ?) they warned Godaddy  with some kind of lines like “Watch out Godaddy!”. From what I understand Hostgator’s domain registration prices are going to be cheaper than what Godaddy is presently charging for their domains. Then again it all depends on a lot of factors and other things like promotions, discounts etc. Judging from the success they achieved in Web Hosting field, one can expect no less than Hostgator being in the top 5 domain registrars in the world in the next two or so years. And it would be very easy for them to get going with huge number of domain registrations right away because of the huge loyal and satisfied customer base they have.

It’s still not clear whether they are going to create a new brand name for their domains and setup a new website for the registrations or whether they are going to use the existing Hostgator.com to sell their domains. But whatever it is, it is going to be very sure that they are going to eat into the profits of other famous domain registrars like Godaddy, Enom, NameCheap, Register ets just like their tag line says “We eat up the competition”. From what I understand they are going to come heavy in the domain registrations market. Their advertising team must have already made some nice ads for their promotion as well as to keep their domain name business as smooth as possible.

I am curious to see how Godaddy is going to survive in the domain registration business once hostgator has put its foot in domains. The reason for this is, as popular as Godaddy maybe and as largest as it is, there are still a lot of domainers that hate Godaddy for their business practices and the over-promotion they do to their customers and others. Personally, I use Namecheap.com and Name.com and have almost never received any promotion email from them, that’s maybe the reason why they are still miles away from Godady. But that is the same reason I like NameCheap and Name domain registrars; they don’t do over promotion (Do they do promotion via emails to their customers at all??). And coming to Godaddy’s business practice; why do they bother their customers with all the “Hey, buy these domain TLDs too, you need to secure these names to build your brand” kind of options?? I mean, it’s annoyingly over-promotion if they haven’t realized it at all yet.

If Hostgator is going to make it big in domain registration business, which I over 90% guarantee what is going to happen, I would like to see them cut into the customer base of Godaddy and other high-charging domain name registrars that charge like $20 to $35 bucks for a single .com domain name per year. I would like to see how Godaddy’s Founder and CEO Bob Parsons is going to come up with new ideas and promotions to keep their loyal customer base. But one thing is sure, if Hostgator is going to pull it off in domain registrations, which I think is “SURE”, the first and foremost domain registrar that is going to lose big is Godaddy itself. From my understanding why most of the Godaddy domain registration customers are staying with them is because of the lack of the presence of another huge domain registrar that matches to the business volume as well as promotional discounts, tactics and strategies of Godaddy and with Hostgator Domain registrations they are going to get what they always wanted with some extra cool features like “better customer service” and “better features”.

Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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Disclosure: We webhostingdisk.com owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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