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Roboform password manager

Roboform password manager is one of the best password managers available on the web. Even though it is a paid software, you can use it for free for saving and using upto 10 passwords. If you have more login details to save, you will then need to buy the license to activate the software. Once you bought the license it will then allow you to save unlimited logins (username and passwords of websites). It lets you configure itself to use different kinds of encryption to save your passwords. The types of the encryption algorithms it uses are AES, DES, 3DES, RC6 and Blowfish. This piece of software is one of the best for the features it offers.

Besides being a great password manager, it also works as a great form filler and can automatically fill forms for you once you setup the details of the forms and save them. The form filler feature is very useful for people who need to repeatedly fill up forms with their personal details or some other details. I have seen many people make use of this great form filling software in directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking submissions etc. With the help of this software you can fill out one long form with just one mouse click once you have saved the information in the fields.

Roboform is the best paid password when it comes to the features it offers as far as saving passwords is concerned. It automatically saves the exact URL of the site and can automatically fill out the login forms provided you set it to do it automatically. Since it saves the URL location of the site, the tricks and tactics of any phishing sites to steal your logins won’t work with it. It lets you choose a master password to open all the passcards (the saved files of each sites login details are called passcards) and that’s what you just need to remember THE MASTER PASSWORD to login to all the sites you have accounts with.

With Roboform you can also set an employee/ supervisor password. It works like this: You set about half of the password for your employees and give the password details to them and the other half of the password you remember (with the first half of the password). So the employees can login to whatever sites they need to login while working under you, but they can’t see the password or edit them. But on the other hand, as a supervisor, you can see the passwords and edit them since you know the full password (the first half and the second half).

But you must remember your master password once you protect all the roboform passcards with the master password. If for any reason you forgot the master password, then no one in this world can help you retrieve the password, not even those elite hackers if that master password is more than 12 characters. Forget your master password, and it simply means you can’t login to any of the sites that are saved as passcards unless you know the login details of each and every site and enter them manually in the fields. You can save all the login details of the sites in a plain HTML file and print it out for future use, for safety, just in case you forget the master password. Roboform password manager is the best, simple and easy password manager in terms of security, features and ease of use.

Data Recovery Software Programs

Do you know you can recover data from your computer hard disk even if it was deleted from the Recycle Bin or if you deleted the data using Shift+Delete key? There are many software programs available on the Web that can recover your data safely and securely, both free and paid software. You can even recover your files after you formatted your Hard Drive or reinstalled Windows. By using these software programs you can easily recover deleted files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, accidentally deleted files, or lost due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

The only requirement to recover your data successfully is that the data shouldn’t be overwritten. It means,to successfully recover the lost files no data should be downloaded to or replaced on your hard drive. It is because the data on your hard drive is stored in small memory locations, so even if the data is lost, the memory location where the lost data was previously stored is not written by other data, then you can still recover the data successfully. But if the memory locations that were used to store the data you are now trying to recover are overwritten with other data, you cannot recover your files, even if you managed to recover them, they wouldn’t be in a good state to reuse. So, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SHOULDN’T DOWNLOAD OR TRANSFER OTHER DATA TO YOUR HARD DISK IF YOU WANT TO SUCCESSFULLY RECOVER YOUR DATA.

Best free/ paid antivirus software

These days it is essential that you have an effective antivirus software installed on your computers. The antivirus software must be something that can monitor the processes on your computer real time and scan each and every file that enters your computer. There are many free and paid anti-virus software programs available out there. Whether it is free or paid it is important you have the effective anti-virus software on your system. In system security matters you can’t afford to think about money, you need to have the best on your PC whether it is free or paid. Also, Most of those paid antivirus software programs offer trial version for about one month or so, so you can test them and learn how effective they are before you opt to buy them. Below are a list of free as well as paid antivirus software programs to secure your PC’s with.

1     Bitdefender.com     (BitDefender antivirus security solutions)

2     Kaspersky.com     (Kaspersky Internet Security)

3     Eset.com     (Eset smart security, Nod32 Antivirus)

4     Pandasecurity.com     (Panda Antivirus)

5     Symantec.com     (Symantec Norton 360 Internet Security)

6     Avast.com     (Avast Alwil Antivirus)

7     Free-av.com     (Avira Antivir Antivirus)

8     Clamav.net     (ClamAv Antivirus)

9     Mcafee.com     (McAfee Total Protection 2010 antivirus)

10     Free.avg.com     (AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Internet Security)

11     Us.trendmicro.com     (TrendMicro Internet Security)

12     F-secure.com     (F-secure Internet Security)

13     Webroot.com     (WebRoot Antivirus and Anti spyware Security Software)

14     Gdatasoftware.com     (G Data Antivirus and InternetSecurity)

15     Microsoft.com/security_essentials     (Microsoft Security Essentials AntiVirus Protection)

16     Zonealarm.com     (ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Extreme Security)

Top web browsers list

If you browse the web on a PC, one thing you can’t say I-don’t-know-about-it is a web browser. There are many web browsers out there. Some of them offer better functionality over other browsers some of them are equipped with rich set of great features and some offer fast browsing and better security over others. Back in the 90′s there used to be a few web browsers, but to day we have hundreds of web browsers to choose from.  Below is a list of top and famous web browsers widely used to browse the web. Just know, this is just a randomly given list, the order of them has nothing to do with their importance.

1     Microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer     (Internet Explorer)

2     Mozilla.com/en-US/firefox     (Firefox)

3     Google.com/chrome     (Google Chrome)

4     Apple.com/safari     (Safari Browser)

5     Opera.com     (Opera Browser)

6     Browser.netscape.com     (Netscape Navigator)

7     Seamonkey-project.org     (SeaMonkey Browser)

8     Kmeleon.sourceforge.net     (K-Meleon Browser)

9     W3.org/Amaya     (Amaya Web Browser)

10     Maxthon.com     (Maxthon Browser)

11     Flock.com     (Flock Web Browser)

12     Flashpeak.com/sbrowser     (Slim Browser)

13     Srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php     (SRWare Iron Browser)

14     Avantbrowser.com     (Avant Browser)

15     Lynx.isc.org     (Lynx Browser)

Top software download sites list

If you have an internet connection and browse the web regularly, you will often find yourself in a need to download some certain software for your work, or for better functionality of the gadgets and devices and computers you use and for entertainment purposes. But on a Windows operated PC you must take care as to where you are downloading the software programs from. It is because the threat of viruses, trojans, and other malware programs is very very high for Windows Operating System personal computer. That is why you should have a good antivirus software and anti-spyware programs installed on your computer besides you should only download software programs from trusted software download websites run by trusted companies. Also, keep this in mind there are a lot more virus-spreading (infected software) software downloading web sites than those few clean software download websites. Below is a list of trusted software download websites given in a random order.

1     Download.com     (Download software website run by CNET.com)

2     Softpedia.com     (Softpedia software download website)

3     TuCows.com     (Tucows software download website)

4     FileHippo.com     (FileHippo software download website)

Old software versions download websites

Every now and then you find yourself in a position to uninstall the current version software installed on your system and find an older version of the same software. The reason for this is, sometimes the software makers become too enthusiastic and clutter their new version software with many unwanted features. It is also because in new software versions you find some of those good old features lacking. And it might even be the reason that in many new software versions the software companies thrust those unwanted flashing ad banners etc. Or you might be looking for an old version of the software for some other reasons. There are a couple of good sites which offer you the old versions of many software programs. The list of old version download software is given below in a random order.

1     OldApps.com     (Best site for old software version downloads)

2     OldVersion.com     (Another good site for old software versions)

3     FileHippo.com     (Lists some of the most recent old versions)

Best Multimedia players list

On your personal computer multimedia player is a must if you use your PC for entertainment purposes sometimes. There are many multimedia players available on the web at the moment. Back in those days there was only Windows Media Player and were hardly any alternatives. However, only some media players are good for playing audio songs and only a few of them are good for video ie watching movies etc even though most of those media players are capable of playing both the medias. Although all those media players can play most of those multimedia, only a few of those players are good at giving you best audio sound as well as best video picture quality. That’s why there is always some debates going on many websites on the web as to which media player is the best as far as multimedia is concerned. Below is a list of top media player available on the web for the present time.

1     Videolan.org/vlc     (VLC Media player)

2     Kmplayer.com/forums     (KM Player)

3     Sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli     (Media Player Classic)

4     Inmatrix.com     (Zoom media player)

5     Gomlab.com/eng     (GOM Player)

6     Winamp.com     (WinAmp audio video player)

7     BsPlayer.org     (BS player)

8     Rulesplayer.altervista.org     (Rules Player)

9     Real.com/realplayer    (Real Player)

10     Divx.com     (Divx player)

Top Anti-Spyware software list

An anti-virus software program alone isn’t good for your system to maintain it clean and safe as far as your vital account login details are concerned. You should also equip your computer with any of those best anti-spyware software programs. Most of those antivirus software programs can only take care of virus threats but not those spyware, trojans, worms and other malware, which can steal your personal information if your system is infected with any of those evil programs. So it is essential that you equip your Personal Computers with a good anti-spyware program along with a good firewall (If it doesn’t come with your antivirus or security suite program) which can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer. There are a number of anti-spyware programs out there but only a few of those programs are good. Below is a list of some good anti-spyware programs given in a random order.

1     WebRoot.com     (SpySweeper anti-spyware software)

2     Counterspy.com     (Sunbelt CounterSpy anti-spyware software)

3     StopZilla.com     (StopZilla Anti-Spyware software)

4     Malwarebytes.org     (Malwarebytes anti-Malware)

5     Pctools.com/spyware-doctor     (Spyware Doctor anti-spyware)

6     Superantispyware.com     (SuperAntispyware anti-spyware)

7     LavaSoft.com     (LavaSoft Ad-Aware anti-spyware program)

Best Registry Cleaner Software programs list

If your PC runs on Windows operating systems, it is a good idea to get a good registry cleaner for your systems. Registry cleaners are vital to computers which have been using the same OS for a long time without formatting the disk or a fresh OS install. It is because Windows uses some database called registry to store all the important information about your system, installed programs and some other data. And if you use your system for a long period without any cleaning of the programs, it is normal that the registry gets corrupted and gives your system some errors like blue screen, system freezing, computer errors etc. So it is recommended that you clean your registry every now and then with a good registry cleaner, which cleans out all those unwanted data, and can even fix some of those registry errors. Hence, having a good registry cleaner installed on your system is important. Below is a list of some of those good registry cleaners given in a random order.

1     RegCure.com     (RegCure registry cleaner software)

2     Pchealthadvisor.com     (PC Health Advisor PC Performance Software)

3     Pctools.com/registry-mechanic     (Registry Mechanic registry cleaner)

4    Iolo.com     (System Mechanic PC Performance Software)

5     MaceCraft.com     (JV16 PowerTools registry cleaner)

Download portable versions of software here

What is a portable version of a software? Normally, when you install a software package on your computer it creates some registry entries in the registry along with the required files in the installation folder. Without either the installation folder files or the registry entries you can not run a software program. That means you can only use a software in the same computer that it was installed.

Portable versions of software are the programs that use no registry entires in the installation of a software program. So, It can be installed in your pendrive, USB drive, U3 drive …any removable drive and run it on any computer after you have attached the removable drive to the computer. In the installation of Portable software versions only installation files are created in the installation folder and no registry entries are created. This kind of software is very useful since you can carry it anywhere in your removable drive and use the program on any computer in seconds. Download some portable versions of software here.