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Manual directory submissions backlinks

Who says Directory submissions backlinks are a waste of time or directory submissions effect is next to nothing? Directory submissions are a great way to get medium quality backlinks with little amount of time that you spend in submitting your sites to directories. Sure it takes a couple of days or even months for them to evaluate your submissions (free options, no reciprocal link or no paid directory listings) and approve or deny them as per the quality of your submissions but in all directory submissions are a great way to earn do-follow free backlinks with a little effort. And if your site niche is of medium or low competed, then directory submissions alone can bring your sites good rankings, yes, even first page rankings for low-medium and low competed niches and keywords.


We have got a couple of sites of entertainment niche which we submitted to directories alone and didn’t do any other link building, with the anchor text of low-competed keywords, and the sites are not ranking on the first page of google for those keywords, bringing a couple of tens of unique visitors (up to 100) to our sites for each one of those keywords. Directory submissions is a best way to get targeted backlinks of good value for free. And if you offer reciprocal links, most of those directories approve your listings within a couple of days and you would get the backlinks you want real fast. But you need to choose good seo-friendly free directories when you want to submit your sites to free directories. And when you submit to reciprocal directories (free directories with reciprocal option and complete reciprocal directories and paid seo friendly directories) you need to make sure you are submitting to the best seo friendly directories out there. It is because with reciprocal and paid listing directories you are spending more time (money in the case of paid web directories) to get backinks and you should make sure your efforts are worth the value and money of your time you are spending to get the backlinks you want.


There are many big lists of free directories, reciprocal directories, paid directories, and even niche directories out there. All you have to do is pick some good seo friendly directory lists (the big lists if possible) and submit to them. The directories you submit to must be Search Engine Optimization friendly (SEO friendly) for your efforts to fetch you good results in the form of good SerpS. There are many Search Engine friendly web directory lists out there, just choose a big list with lots of directories and start submitting your sites to them daily, like 20 directories a day or even 100 directories a day. And when you submit your sites to directories, make sure you follow all the guidelines of the directories for them to not get angry with your submissions and disapprove them. If you follow all their guidelines and your site is a quality one, then in all probability they would approve your listings with no problems.


And if you find it hard, and time-consuming to submit your sites to directories, we are here to submit your sites manually to directories. Manual directory submissions packages are given below. Please note that we would only submit your sites to what we think are good seo friendly directories and that’s the end of it. You can’t blame us saying the directories submitted are not seo-friendly and stuff like that. And we promise you would get MANUAL DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS, when we say we manually submit your sites to free seo friendly directory lists, we will manually submit your sites to good web directories of seo value. Manual directory submissions backlinks packages:

Forum signature backlinks

As you all probably know, backlinks are the main factor in getting good serps in search engines ( at least in Google). We have got a list of over 1000 forums and we will get you forum signature links with your desired anchor text for your websites. Although many believe forum signatures of very low value as far as their impact on serps is concerned, we believe, they could do wonders to your SERPs of medium competition niche websites, if done properly. You will get at least 10 forum posts on each forum and a signature backlink to your site once the signature option on that forum is activated. We will do our best to get good signature links on popular posts so that you would get maximum exposure to your websites both traffic wise as well as backlinks wise.


The packages are given below:

1. 250 forum signatures on 250 forums – $500 (Done in a month)

2. 500 forum signatures on 500 forums – $900 (Done in two months)

3. 1000 forum signatures on 1000 forums -$1700 (Done in three months)


We only accept 5 packages a month (Five 1000 (=5000 signatures) packages or a set of small packages equivalent to 5000 signatures a month) so that we can provide quality and keep up with the schedule of each order. When you have paid for an order, please give us a contact email of yours so that we can get some details we need to get good rankings for your sites.

Article directory submissions backlinks and SEO

Article directories are a good source to get some quality backlinks for your websites. With article directories, all you have to do is write a good, quality, informative article on your websites’ niche and submit them to different articles with your website’s link in it. Generally, The article distribution sites include your websites’ link in the Author introduction profile column. And once your article is used (reprinted) by some of those websites that rely on quality reprint rights content, you will get a link back to whatever website’s URL you have included in the Author profile column. Also, One thing you need to keep in mind is that not all the websites that use your article may give a link back to you. Some of those greedy, copy-paste SPAM sites don’t give a link back to you but simply hijack your article as their own. In that cases you can’t do much (not worth the time and effort) but keep working on the promotion of your websites.


There are many article distribution sites out there, both free and paid. As well there are many article directories to which you can submit your articles and then if they are accepted can get a quality link back to your site. But one thing you need to make sure is your article should be unique and quality with informative content. You can’t just submit an already used article for article submission or article directory distribution. Your articles must sound native for most of the quality article directories like EzineArticles etc. Your articles must be free of spelling errors and must use correct punctuation to be approved and published by most of the quality article directories. When submitting articles to article directories, you should use a good do-follow (heck, even no-follow) article directories list.


The other way to get good quality backlinks with articles is by submitting your articles to some of those article distribution directories and websites. There are both free and paid article distribution services out there. Whichever service you choose, you must do some research and then pick a good article distribution service. Even most of the paid article distribution services charge only a couple of dollars for each article to be distributed. One example of a paid article distribution service is isnare.com. When you submit your articles to article distribution sites, you should first inquire as to how the distributed articles would look like and where your link is placed and whether it is do-follow or no-follow (depends, as well as just for your understanding). Also, Check if they offer any premium member services with which you can get more exposure to your articles.


And finally, Article directory submissions and article distribution services are best ways to get quality backlinks with little effort as well as little money (in the case of paid services). All you have to do is decide on a topic to write about (which is related to your website’s theme) and write a quality, informative, unique article without any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors and submit it to those article directories or distribution services along with the website link information that you want to get a backlink to. Once approved, your article will show up on many of the quality sites, giving you a much needed quality backlink for better search engine rankings for your websites.

Social Bookmarking submissions and Search Engine Optimization

Do Social bookmarking and social news submissions give any better rankings in search engine results? Social Bookmarking submissions and social news submissions has been in huge numbers ever since the SEOs and webmasters found out that the Do-follow social bookmarking and news submissions could give your sites good results in SERPs. Today, Social bookmarking and social news sites are among the most spammed websites daily along with all those social networking sites like facebook, myspace, twitter, orkut etc. These sites receive lots and lots of SPAM daily from Search Engine Optimization experts and webmasters. Although many of those high traffic bookmarking and news sites employ nofollow tag as far as the out-going links are concerned, the number of SPAM submissions is increasing daily rather than decreasing.


But do the social new submissions and social bookmarking submissions help your sites get ranked better in search engine result pages? Since we are talking about getting backlinks from bookmarking and news sites, the question of whether even no-follow backlinks from those social news sites as well as social bookmarking sites help you get good rankings in search engines. But that do-follow and nofollow backlinks is totally a different topic. As far as I am concerned links from social news sites and bookmarking sites give you at least a little boost in search engine rankings, even if they are no-follow links (debatable, just my personal understanding). This is not encouraging SPAM but backlinks from Digg, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Oyax, Folkd etc etc will help your sites get better rankings in search engines.


But it’s always advisable to post good, quality and useful information on your sites and then submit them to the social news or bookmarking sites should you decide to submit your own sites to the social sites. You don’t want to fill those social sites with useful information posted on your sites or SPAM them, Right? Never SPAM anybody or any sites, Just imagine how you would feel if you are the victim of the SPAM done by others. And if you post quality articles on your websites, chances are that you won’t have to submit your articles on those sites yourself, people will find your articles eventually and post themselves on the high traffic sites and give you some quality links. Instead of defeating the purpose of the social news sites and bookmarking sites you can just post quality information on your sites and sit back and watch the backlinks coming in.


I am not encouraging you to spam the social sites with your website links, but there are many sites offering to bookmark your sites on various of those bookmarking sites. Should you decide to hire these services, always make sure that you choose a manual submission service. Because most of the sites that offer social bookmarking and social news submission services use automatic submission sites and tools which will result in many failed submissions and even in the social bookmarking sites banning your sites to be submitted to them. Don’t get into that kind of submission services and in a situation to get your sites banned on those social news sites. Finally, the best way to get backlinks naturally is to post useful, quality, interesting, and thought-provoking articles on your sites.

Directory submissions any good for rankings?

Submitting your sites to directories does any good in rankings? Are manual directory submissions any good for your sites? If you are an SEO for at least a couple of months, you should have heard directory submissions. Directory submissions are nothing but submitting your websites/ blogs to a good number of directory for inclusion. Typically the directory listings contain your website linked in Anchor Text (keywords of your sites). Web directories are sites that list various websites and blogs related to a certain niche (Topic). These web directories list your sites in them with a keyword linking to the URL of your site and about two three lines of description of your website. Most of these directories offer free listings that means you just have to submit your website to them and they will list your site within them for free if those are satisfied with your site quality and submission.


When you have decided to submit your websites to directories for backlinks, the first things you have to do is search for SEO-friendly web directory lists. There are a lot of these kind of web directories on the web. Some webmaster, SEO sites list the lists of various niche, seo friendly web directories. You just need to decide on a list to submit and then you can hire someone or some company which does the submission work and get the job done. If you want to do it on your own, you need to spend a couple of Tens of hours to submit a list of about one thousand web directories. Always, remember this: Your directory submissions should always be manual directory submissions. Don’t use any automated software to automatically submit to directories. Automated submissions can’t give you good results because most of the submissions fail to reach the last step of submission process.


You can use any of those semi-automatic directory submitters though. Almost all of those semi-automatic directory submitters don’t submit your site to the directories, instead they just help you browse through the directory faster to save you lots and lots of time and with those you can still submit to directories manually and get good results in less time. Although most of the directories offer free listings, there are some directories which only accept Reciprocal listings or Paid listings. Just ignore them, Those are not worth the time or money unless those are some very important directories like Yahoo directory. The directories you submit should be SEO friendly directories, that means they should offer Do-follow listings as well as they should be frequently visited and indexed by the crawlers of search engines. Almost all the top directories under one hundred thousand Alexa ranking are crawled and indexed regularly.


And coming to if directory submissions are any good for rankings in search engines, I can tell you from first-hand experience that directory submissions can get you to the first page of Google for low-medium to low competed keywords without you having to do any other link building. But your directory submissions should not look spammy to search engines. For that you need to use various Anchor Text (different keywords), various descriptions, various keywords. Suppose you are submitting your site to one thousand web directories. Then use different anchor text, different descriptions, different keywords for every 100 directories. So, at the end of the last directory submission, you would have submitted your website with 10 unique anchor texts, 10 unique and corresponding descriptions, and 10 different sets of keywords. That kind of directory submission strategy not only looks good in the eyes of search engines but also give you good rankings for different keywords. Finally, Directory Submissions are still worth the time or money spent. So, submit your websites to seo-friendly directories manually with the above given strategy and see the results for yourself in two to three months.

Dofollow forum signature backlinks any good for rankings?

Are the do-follow forum signature backlinks any good for rankings in Google and other search engines? The question has arrived from the theory that any backlinks that you can get for your sites easily (forum signatures are self promotional links) are treated with the least importance in dofollow backlinks. If that is the case all those Social Bookmarking links, directory submission links, article submission links, blog comment links etc should be given the same importance as the dofollow forum signature links. I think search engines give great importance to the backlinks that you get from relevant niche, high PR, quality websites and all the other do-follow links are given the next and last level of importance.

I think with dofollow forum signature backlinks you can easily rank on the first page of Google for most of those low-competed keywords, although they may not bring much traffic to your sites. As far as the backlinks are do-follow you are sure to get somewhat ranking improvement in SERPS. So, if you have a chance to get some good amount of backlinks GRADUALLY, it’s always recommended that you go for them. And since you can get forum signature backlinks easily by just creating an account with most of those famous do-follow backlinks and post one or two posts every now and then, you should register as many forums as possible and promote your websites that way. With active participation on many of those high traffic forums you would get some good amount of daily traffic as well as good do-follow backlinks. Also, It’s recommended that you create accounts on forums relevant to the niche of your websites and keep posting a few posts daily, that way you would get more exposure to your sites and more visitors because of the same niche plus point.

But never spam forums with your website links, I mean, never post the links of your sites in the body text of a post without any real need. I mean, you can post a link of your site’s article if the thread is relevant to the topic and your link has any value to offer. But never do blatant spamming with your links all over the forums and the web. That would not only get your accounts banned on the forums but also your sites would be viewed as spam (even if someone else spammed your site on web forums, sadly!). There are some seo services offering companies which gets forum backlinks for your sites for a couple of hundred dollars for say 500 forum backlinks, be it signature links are forum post body links (they may spam your sites, beware with such kind of services). The best way is to get your own forum signature dofollow links by participating on forums daily.

Dofollow forum signature backlinks definitely improve your websites’ serp rankings, be it a slight improvement or huge improvement. It also depends on the niche of your site as to how much the forum signatures improve your rankings in google and other search engines. If the niche of your sites is highly competed, then the ranking improvement with signature backlinks would be low. But on the other hand if your niches or low-medium to low competed then your chances of getting good SERP improvement are high. Also it depends on how many backlinks you are getting gradually (gradually is important, isn’t it??). Since, forum signature backlinks are free and takes not much effort, sign up with as many high-traffic dofollow forums as you could and start promoting your sites that way for both some good daily traffic and search ranking improvement gradually.

Search Engines don’t count nofollow backlinks for serp ranks?

For those who don’t know what no-follow and do-follow backlinks are: There is a theory that backlinks are of two kinds. First one is Dofollow backlinks and the second one is Nofollow backlinks. Actually there is no tag like a dofollow backlink but whatever backlinks that are nor nofollow are considered to be dofollow backlinks. The no-follow backlinks thing was brought into the industry by Google search engine a couple of years ago probably because it was fed up with all the spam links it had to deal with daily and decided to put an end to the growing spam. So it coined the nofollow thing and stated whatever backlinks are tagged nofollow (any links, for example blog comment links, forum signature links, article directory links, social bookmarking links etc) are not counted as backlinks in determining the SERP rank of your site for a particular keyword.

And since the big daddy G Google itself implemented this strategy in ranking sites in the search engine results pages, the remaining two major search engines Yahoo and Bing (MSN aka Live) are said to value the no-follow tag and don’t count the no-follow links in ranking for a search query. According to Google search engine, once a link is tagged as no-follow on a site the search engine won’t even look which website’s link that is. So as soon as it see the nofollow tag before the link, it doesn’t even bother checking if that link belongs to famous sites like CNN, Microsoft, or even Google itself or any other newly started nobody website. Or do Google actually identify which website’s link that is but discount them from the backlinks list which affect the ranks of a website in a positive or negative way (I hear that some backlinks can hurt your rankings, especially links from @dult sites and spam sites).

So, Now it is up to us to check whether Google and the other two search engines (Yahoo, Bing) really discount nofollow backlinks or whether they would count them in rankings but with less importance. Like the same way you test most of the SEO assumptions, tips, tactics, theories and strategies you need to register a random (with no particular keyword in mind, example bsdkndiprt.com) domain (.com is preferred but if you want to test in country specific search engines too, go ahead and register some random .co.uk and .in CCTld domains) and post an article with a length of 500 to 1000 words without our testing keyword anywhere in the article, be it is title or body or tags or even comments and get a bunch of no-follow links with a keyword say “Testing nofollow” as anchor text and wait for a couple of days or weeks and see if your site ranks anywhere in the SERPs for the kwyword “Testing nofollow”. I think you got the point of this SEO test. If your site doesn’t show up anywhere in the serps for the particular keyword even after two three months, you can then assume nofollow links can’t affect your rankings. But, on the other hand, if your site comes up in search engine results for that keyword, then you may think even the no-follow links affect your rankings in serps.

But with this kind of tests you can’t be really sure about the outcome be it positive or negative. It is because rankings depend on many other factors and you should keep every aspect in mind before conducting a test like this. Also, when you test this kind of tests you should always choose a very low competed keyword like “Testing nofollow”. It is because if you chose “Web Hosting” or “SEO” kind of very high-competed keywords for the test, because of the sheer amount of competition even if your site comes up on the 100th or even 1000th (LOL) page with only those no-f0llow links, you might not notice your domain in the SERPs (even with serp ranking tools, they are not perfect anyways) and assume the wrong result as the outcome. In such cases the purpose of the test is defeated. So, always choose a very low competed keyword as an anchor text for nofollow links (in this case) and make sure you never use that keyword on your website. Happy testing!

SEO Search Engine Optimization

The abbreviation of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, meaning optimizing for Search engines ie Optimizing your Websites for Search engines. To explain it in simple words, SEO is all about making your websites look good in the eyes of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

But why do you need to optimize your websites for search engines at all? Let’s think about a product called “Web Hosting”. You have a web hosting company and you sell web hosting to other companies, individual etc. But how would others know you sell web hosting if you don’t tell anybody about it? You need to tell people that you sell web hosting, you need to advertise about your web hosting services … you can’t just start a web hosting company and hang a sign board that reads “Web Hosting” or “Web Hosting Company” or something along those lines and sit back! Of course, you need to hang a sign board about your company at your building, that is primary. You need to do more to see your business grow and get a lot of customers. For that you need to advertise your company to people in most of those ways, be it via ads on Television, Radio, mouth advertising, or pamphlets or via some other means. You need to advertise about your products to the right kind of people. That’s what you do in SEO; You advertise about your site to search engines in many ways. The better you advertise the better your SERP rankings will be. You can’t just post some content (articles) on your sites and sit back hoping to get a lot of web visitors and good Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings to your site!

Search Engine Optimization is of many types depending on the context you talk about it. If you are talking about the good and bad types of SEO, there are a couple of good and bad Search Engine Optimization types i.e. 1. White-hat SEO (Good SEO), 2. Black-hat SEO (Bad SEO) 3. Grey-hat SEO (Kind of bad SEO, and you won’t be sure about it if it is good or bad, the tactics applied definitely look fishy). White-hat SEO is what search engines recommend you and ask you to optimize your websites in this way. Black-hat is what search engines ask you NOT to implement on your websites, and if the Search Engines find out that you are using Black-hat SEO on your websites,they will either penalize your sites in the SERPs or completely ban them from their index i.e. they remove your sites in their ranking results. So, be careful, never use Black-hat SEO. Grey-hat SEO is what looks like fishy kind of search engine optimization. The tactics they use in this SEO to get good rankings kind of look unethical and you get a feeling that this is not the kind of SEO to implement on your websites.

And coming to the real types of Search Engine Optimization is SEO is of two types;

1. On-page Search Engine Optimization

2. Off-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is what you work on your websites themselves, you won’t have any other optimization process than your own website optimization, like optimizing your Title tag, Home page titles, the URL types, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions etc. You only work on the coding, look, the features, the ingredients of your website, you won’t go outside of your website. While Off-page SEO is where you work out of your websites, you don’t need to be logged into your websites to optimize your websites Off-page. Off-page search Engine Optimization is mostly about getting links to your websites; relevant, quality, authority, Do-follow links to your websites (No-follow links too will do as per my research). And when you get links for your websites, you get them with the main keyword (or targeted keywords of your site) as the anchor text. That is if your site is about Web Hosting, You get links from good, quality, authority sites with the phrase “Web Hosting” as the anchor text i.e. the phrase “Web Hosting” is the linking text of the link to your websites. And off-page optimization is also about getting links via blog comments, forum signatures, profile pages etc.  Frankly, No search engine tells you to get links for your websites; What they tell you is to provide good information about the subject your site is on and do on-page optimization so that search engine bots can easily crawl and find your websites and index the information easily. No search engine tells you to get backlinks to your websites. According to search engines your sites should only get the in-bound links based on the quality of the information you provide on your sites. If fact, buying links (paid links) to get good ranking in SERPs is against the policy of search engines. And if they find out you bought links for your sites to get good results, they will most probably either penalize your site or ban it from there index.

The purpose of Search Engines is to find and provide good information to the searcher based on his query. So, as per search engines you should only provide good information on your sites and on-page optimize them and leave them like that for the search engines to crawl and index them and rank them as per the quality of the information the sites offer. But as soon as you buy backlinks from other sites to get good rankings in Search Engines, the purpose of the search engines is defeated, and the search engines should not like it. SEO, these days, is all about thinking on what factors search engines rank websites and implementing them on your sites, it’s kind of taking the wrong route and annoy the search engines. The SE’s (Search Engines) do their best to foil these kinds op attempts and serve the searcher with the best results they can give.  Search Engines rank websites on many factors, one is relevant quality backlinks. That’s why most of the Search Engine Optimizers build (buy) backlinks these days and get good rankings even though there are many better websites that offer better information for a given query. That’s why search engines often change their algorithms to foil the attempts of those forced-seo tactics to give the searcher better results.

Where to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you have a website or blog and you manage it all by yourself, you need to know a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is nothing but making your website look good in the eyes of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN (Live) etc. There are two kinds in SEO when it comes to optimizing your website.

1. On-page Optimization

2. Off-Page optimization

On Page Optimization is where you optimize the code, content, any scripts of your website. It has to do with the pages of your website, the coding, using meta tags, etc. In other words, you change the coding of your website according to the requirements of Search Engines for better visibility and inserting the required tags in place.

Off Page Optimization is where you get links to your website, submit the site to directories, social bookmarking sites, etc. In order to get authority in the view of Search Engines you need to get quality back links from famous sites. The phrase “Quality Backlinks” means that your site have a link in any of the famous websites (of your niche) out there.

WordPress Allinone SEO pack plugin

Optimize your WordPress blogs with the All in one seo pack plugin. This plugin is a must for your wordpress blogs. By installing this plugin you can optimize your wordpress blogs home keywords, your site home description, meta tags and more. You can even set your blog to be accessible from a sub folder rather than the default home address, ie you can make your blog to be accessible from http://example.com/blog even if you installed wordpress in home address http://example.com/ – example.com is your main domain here.

Provided by Uberdose, WordPress all in one seo pack is one of the most downloaded and useful free plugins made for wordpress blogs or websites. The providers of this plugin update this free plugin very frequently to better it performance and make it compliant with every latest update of wordpress blog script. Although this plugin is free, you can send donations to the makers to encourage their efforts just like you do to all other free software providers.