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Check your Website in multiple browsers

You sometimes need to check your website in different browsers. If you are a coder who codes a new website and then find yourself in a position to check it in multiple browsers on different operating systems. Or if you have just made some changes in your website code and want to see how it looks in multiple browsers and to test if it is in compliance with most of the web browsers. Then all you have to do is go to BrowserShots.Org and enter your website’s address in the field and hit submit. Within a couple of minutes you will have to click the “Reload this Page” button and you will get the results. Your website screenshots in multiple web browsers are displayed on the page. All you have to do is open each screenshot in a new tab to get a closer look of how your website is displayed in each browser. The website offers more than 100 different browsers in cross platform operating systems.

Firefox too slow

Have you noticed that Mozilla Firefox browser has been too slow recently? After the recent version updates of Firefox, the browser has been taking ages to load sites. Literally Firefox is taking about 2 to 3 minutes to completely load a website. I have always liked Firefox and use it as my primary browser to surf the web. But recently after the new version update of Firefox (not sure whether it is 17 or 18 or even 19) I have experienced trouble accessing websites with Firefox. I even deleted all my profiles (Firefox profiles) and uninstalled Firefox completely with Revo Uninstaller Pro and installed the new version of Firefox 19.0.2 from the Mozilla website to see if that makes any difference. But still the browser was taking ages to load websites completely, and couldn’t load some websites (which use Flash or Javascript or some other code) completely. At first I thought it was the problem with my Internet connection and even got my port changed to a new one. But the problem was still there. So, I installed Google Chrome web browser and it was loading the same websites at blazing speeds just as Firefox used to do until I found the problem. So, Then I confirmed that it was the problem with Firefox itself and not a problem with my ISP or my system.

I tried several procedures to solve the problem to get Firefox back to its normal fast website loading state, but none helped. Finally I tried to change the way how Firefox connects to the Internet and it worked like a charm. I set Firefox to connect the Internet with “No Proxy” and the browser got back to its normal speed. To do that, all you have to do is go to “Tools” and then “Options” and then click “Advanced” tab and then select the “Network” tab and under “Connection” and “Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet” message click “Settings” and at the top of the window under “Configure proxies to access the Internet” message select “No Proxy” radio button and then click the “Ok” button at the bottom of the window and you are done. After I followed the procedure my Firefox has got back to its normal speeds. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you. I am giving the procedure below again.

Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Under Connection > Settings > Under Configure proxies to access the Internet > No Proxy > Ok.

How to type Sterling pound (£) symbol on Windows system

To type Sterling pound (£) symbol all you have to do is type ALT+0163 on the number pad. Remember you will have to use the number keys on the number pad at the right side of the keyboard and not regular number keys which are placed above the letter keys. Just press the ALT key and hold it them press 0163 on the number pad and then release the ALT key and you should see the Sterling pound (£) symbol appear where you typed it.

How to type Euro (€) symbol on windows system

To type Euro (€) symbol on a windows system all you have to do is press ALT+0128 on the number pad. Just remember you will have to use the number keys on the number pad at the right side of the keyboard and not regular number keys which are placed above the letter keys. Just press the ALT key and hold it and then press 0128 on the number pad and then release the ALT key and you should see the Euro (€) symbol appear where you typed it.

Damn Sure way to Make Money Online

The damn sure way to Make Money Online is what I am going to reveal in this post. For this all you need to have is about $100 (for buying a domain + for web hosting service). You can also try this method without having to spend even the $100 for domain name and web hosting service costs by using free blog platforms like blogger but I would always suggest you should have your own domain (about $10 per year) and a web hosting account with a good web host which costs about $10 MONTHLY or about $90 to $100 yearly. The free blogs may get banned or deleted by the provider if they find any violation of their Terms of Service and all the time and hard work you put into that blog would result in $0 income overnight. That’s why I always recommend your own domain name and your own paid web hosting for your website. There are a lot of cheap web hosts out there but I wouldn’t recommend them because most of those are not worth advertising themselves as web hosts, their web hosting service is awful so is their customer support. Also remember this method is concentrated on making money via promoting affiliate offers and not via PPC programs like adsense, adbrite, kontera etc. You would soon be joining affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ClickBank (for ebooks), Linkshare, Shareasale, ads4dough etc kind of affiliate networks.


1. First you need to select a topic (niche) to start your website about. And make sure the topic has the required demand to make money out of it. For example, you can choose “Hollywood Movies” niche if you want to sell Hollywood movies cds to your website visitors. Or you could choose “LCD TVs” if you want to promote LCD television sets on your website. And then see if you have any affiliate offers on any of those various affiliate networks or the product maker websites themselves (for example: for LCD TVs look for any affiliate offers on LCD TV makers like Sony, LG, Panasonic etc) to promote on your website. Once you have made a list of the affiliate offers now it’s time to register a domain.


2. For registering a domain I suggest you go with NameCheap.com or name.com (You can register with any domain registrar you want but since I use NameCheap and am comfortable with them I suggest them to anyone. They are the best for domain registrations in my opinion). When registering your domain name always go for a .com TLD (that means your domain name should be like “Yourdomainname.COM) and make sure you have the main keywords in the domain name (ex: for “hollywood movie cds” keyword try to register a domain name like hollywoodmoviecds.com or hollywoodmoviecdssale.com etc if available). If that domain names are not available search for similar domain names and try different variations like adding an “s” at the end of the domain name etc. And Once you register the domain name you want it’s now time to buy web hosting.


3. For web hosting you can just start with shared web hosting of any company which costs you under $10 a month unlike dedicated servers which cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars a month. For shared web hosting (or even reseller, VPS, dedicated servers) I suggest you go with either Hostgator or Blue Host. I have been using them for a couple of years now and I can tell you that those are the best web hosts out there. If they offer you can choose to pay them monthly or yearly if you have about $100 bucks for web hosting right now. With Hostgator You would get 20% off automatically on your first payment that means if you choose to pay for 12 months hosting right now you would save 20% off on the whole amount and if you only want to pay for the first month then you would only get 20% off on the first month’s amount of about $10. If you are signing up with Hostgator, I suggest You should choose their “Baby” shared web hosting plan which lets you to host multiple websites (addon domain feature) on the same webhosting plan unlike the basic “Hatchling” plan which only lets you host one website. Or if you want to try the hosting of Hostgator for the first month you could use this link with the coupon code “WEBHOSTINGDISK” to get $9.94 off on the first month hosting of the Hostgator Baby plan (meaning you will only have to pay one cent for the first month and from the second month you will have to pay $9.95 per month). Really a great way to test Hostgator web hosting for just one cent for the first month. Now that you have got both a domain name and a web hosting account it’s time to create your website.


4. As soon as you got the account details of your web hosting you need to log in to the domain name account (Namecheap if you register with them) and click on the domain and see the “Change NameServers” kind of option and click on it and change the nameservers (DNS propagation may take upto 48 hours to show you the changes) to the nameservers of your web host you received in the welcome email. The nameservers look something like ns1.hostgator.com ns2.hostgator.com depending on the web host you signed up with. Now log into your web hosting account and it’s now time to create a website. Instead of manually creating a website you can just use the easy way to create your first web site. Just scroll down to your web hosting account and see the “Fantastico” icon (You should have it in your Hostgator web hosting account, that’s why I recommend Hostgator) click on it and when you are taken to the fantastico page click on “WordPress” on the left side and then click on “New Installation” and install a wordpress site on your domain name. You can login to your wordpress site (if it’s not online don’t worry, just wait for a couple of hours for the name server changes to take effect) and then add new themes to change its look etc.You should also install ALLinOne SEO plugin and change the permalink structure to “category/postname” for better SEO.


5. Now that you have your site setup, all you need to do is post quality articles on your website by logging into your website and clicking on the “Add new post” button. Just remember your articles (both title and body of the article and even the tags) should convey the message of your post. Like if you want to sell something, post something like “Product name review and price”. And when you write articles, you should write and post no less than 10 to 20 articles per DAY each having a minimum of 500 words length. Keep writing and posting 10 to 20 articles about products daily and learn a bit SEO about promoting your website like (building links, directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarkings etc). Keep doing the same work for about 5 to 6 months (daily posting 10 to 20 articles, and building backlinks slowly via directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarkings, and forum signatures and profile links) and see you start making some sales via the affiliate offers you promote on your website.

What is the best forum software script?

What is the best message board software? There are many Bulletin/ Discussion board software scripts out there and while most scripts are free there are some popular paid forum software scripts like vBulletin and Invision Board. But what is the best forum software if you want to start your own forum be it for your business or just for building a quality community for better information sharing? Some of the best free and paid forum software scripts I know are vBulletin, pHpBB, Invision Board, Vanilla, MBoard, Phorum, SEO Board Forum, PunBB, Simple Machines Forum (SMF), bbPress, MyBB Board, UseBB, MiniBB etc. As far as I know vBulletin is the most popular discussion board software out there, which is a paid one. And pHpBB and SMF are also popular and good for your forum needs although those don’t offer as many features as vBulletin and Invision Power Board but the former two are free and you can install them with just a few clicks with software like Fantastico, easy scripts etc.


If I want to start a forum, then I will choose vBulletin almost always, Invision Power Board being my second choice. In my opinion, vBulletin is the single forum software script that has got a professional look (not talking about forum skins, themes here) with a lot of features and customizations. And with VBSEO I can get all the SEO advantages and benefits over other forum scripts. Sure it costs a couple of hundred dollars every year for both software license and VBSEO subscription but it’s worth the money if you are serious about your message board and want to be proud owner of a professional looking discussion forum, not that free forum software scripts like pHpBB and SMF are useless. In fact, there are many popular forums running on the free pHpBB discussion forum script. But, I would always choose a vBulletin forum for my discussion boards, because I am used to the professional looks it offers and the features you get with it.

How to use Multi quote feature on forums

Many forum software scripts offer you the feature Multi-quote with which you can quote all the messages that you want to address in your reply and post your posts easily without having to manually quote each and every forum post that you want to reply to. Most of the forums offer this multi quote feature, with single quote you just click on the “Quote” button given at the end of each forum post and can simply quote that message in your reply. You can also quote messages manually with the help of [quote] and [/quote] opening and closing tags but why do you need to do it the hard way when you have the easy way to quote or MultiQuote forums posts with just a click or two?


I have seen and worked on many forum scripts like vBulletin, pHpBB, MiniBB, Invision Board, Vanilla, Phorum, SEO Board Forum, UseBB, PunBB, MBoard, Simple Machines Forum (SMF), bbPress, MyBB Board and a few other, not so famous, message board scripts. Among all the above I liked the most popular bulletin board script vBulletin, which is a paid one. To Multi-Quot a couple of messages, say 5, in your reply all you need to do is click on the “Multiquote” button at the end of the first 4 posts and then click on the “Quote” button of the fifth forum post. That way all the five posts are quoted in your reply and then you can post whatever replies your want to address each post below the gap given after each quote. If you don’t know which button is multi quote button, just put your cursor on each button at the bottom of any post and it will show which is the Multi Quote button.

Mozilla firefox web browser

Are you a Mozilla Firefox web browser user? If you are not a firefox user have never tried it yet, you should try it now to see in how many ways it is better than your present web browser to surf the internet. Sure they are browsers that give good competition to firefox like Opera, Chrome, Apple safari and even Internet Explorer. But are they really as good as Firefox in terms speed, features, security etc. It’s OK if you have tried firefox before and like your present non-firefox browser better and insist on sticking with it. But if you haven’t tried firefox web browser yet, just try it once and you may find a better browser in firefox than in your current web browser.


The reason I like firefox better than any other browser like IE, Google Chrome, Opera, and safari is I not only like the interface (color combination) of firefox but also the features and countless great addons it offers with which we can get more work done in less time than we have to get the work done otherwise. I am so used to the look color combination of firefox and I have never used their amazing themes, that can change the look of your firefox in several ways, more than one day. I like Firefox’s clean neat look with all those greatly designed icons that make it look more professional. Firefox even gives you the ability to change the icons into text format and you can even customize and decide which icons you want displayed at the menu. Just rightclick at the empty space next to the menu bar and you will get the option to customize the icons look.


If you don’t know it yet, Firefox offers tabbed browsing, which means you can open multiple tabs on one single firefox window and can open several websites in them and keep working on each site you need, instead of opening multiple firefox browser windows. I even know some people personally who open like 20 or so tabs at one time and keep working on the sites they need to. Needless to say your Personal Computer or laptop needs to be powerful enough to hold the processing power required by firefox or any other browser in such cases. Firefox offers several options to give you the ability to make it work in the way you want, just click on “Tools” in its Menu bar and then choose “Options” and you will get a window in which you can make many changes to make firefox work in the way you want.


One best thing about Mozilla firefox web browser is that the huge addons base it has got. There are lot and lots of forefox addons available on their site which lets you carry out some special operations with firefox. If you want to check the SEO features of a website just install SEO for firefox addon or search status or SEO Quake and you can do all the research with just a few click right on Firefox, You don’t need to go through all those long and boring steps to check what you want to check. Firefox offers several different themes to change the look of your firefox should you ever get bored with the default Blue and Grey color combination look. Firefox lets you install different plugins of different other software products to let them work with firefox. There are a lot of things you can do with firefox not just web browsing, You just need to try it once and get used to it. Probably other web browsers like Google chrome and Opera are catching up with firefox, but it’s going to be long before they get close to firefox in ease and use.

WordPress free blog or Blogger free blog?

Which free blog you like most, WordPress free blog or Blogger (blogspot) free blog? There are many free blog hosting sites and some paid ones. Most of the people that use free blogs to blog depend either on WordPress or Google blogger. There are some other famous free blog hosts like bloglines, tumblr, wetpaint but those are not as big or as successful as WordPress free blogs or Google blogger blogspot blogs. Typically, most of these free blog hosts let you have your blog on a subdomain of their main domain like yourblog.wordpress.com or yourblog.blogspot.com, here yourblog is the subdomain and indicates your blog on these free blog hosts. If you have tried both WordPress and blogspot or either of them, which do you like most and why?


As far as SEO is concerned my vote goes to WordPress free blog. Google blogger is no less than WordPress in Search Engine Optimization aspect but the former has some edge over the latter even in Google search engine itself. But ultimately it’s the quality and quantity of the content offered on any blog or website. And coming to other options like hosting the blog on your own domain if you have one or placing ads on your blog, here blogger has a clear edge over WordPress. I think with blogger you can host it on your domain free of charge (not sure though) but with wordpress you need to pay them to get that option. And with Google blogger you can monetize your blog free of charge, I mean, if you already have an adsense account or any other ad serving company account, you can place the ads on your Google blogspot blog right away, without having to pay them any money. But with WordPress free blogs you need to pay them some amount (buy credits??) to get that option. As far as I know, I believe, on wordpress free blogs they even serve their own ads every now and then (at least then said that once).


And if you place ads on your free WordPress blog without their permission (without paying them), I believe, they delete your blog quoting some TOS violation. But with Google blogger blogs you won’t have that problem. Also, Google blogspot blogs features are no less than WordPress free blogs features. So, From the less restrictions point of view as far as placing ads or hosting it on your own domain name, I think Google blogger has a clear advantage over WordPress blogs. WordPress need to learn something from their competition and provide their blog users with more free options. Google blogger blog is the clear winner in the free blogs competition.

What are web directories?

Web directories are nothing but directories of different category websites. Those are just like a telephone directory which lists the name and telephone number of a person. In the same way, Web directories list different websites of different categories. Normally they list the websites in categories and some web directories list only certain niche websites like “Computer related web sites”. And some web directories list only big websites and forums. There are a couple of directories which list only quality and useful websites, Dmoz the open directory project is the best example for such kind of directories. There are many websites out there that list large lists of web directories like one thousand directories, five thousand directories and even a couple of tens of thousands of directories.

Most of these web directories let you submit your websites/ blog to their directories and once they verify your submission and if satisfied with the quality of your website then they will approve the listing. If, for any reason, they are not satisfied with your website, they will reject it. Most of these directories offer “Free listing” that means you don’t need to pay anything to them to submit your site to them. But there are a good percentage of directories which only accept “Paid listings” or “Reciprocal listings”. For directories which accept only paid listings, you need to pay them some particular amount of dollars to get your site listed on their directory. And for directories which accept reciprocal listings, you need to give a link back to them (You need to list their directory on your site) to get your website listed on their directories. Most of the people who submit their site to directories only pick and submit to Free listing directories. It is because the reciprocal listing and paid listing are not worth the time for most directory listings (Yahoo directory paid listing is an exception here). So, if you have a website or blog head towards sites which offer big web directories and submit to them.