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Archive for March, 2013

Firefox too slow

Have you noticed that Mozilla Firefox browser has been too slow recently? After the recent version updates of Firefox, the browser has been taking ages to load sites. Literally Firefox is taking about 2 to 3 minutes to completely load a website. I have always liked Firefox and use it as my primary browser to surf the web. But recently after the new version update of Firefox (not sure whether it is 17 or 18 or even 19) I have experienced trouble accessing websites with Firefox. I even deleted all my profiles (Firefox profiles) and uninstalled Firefox completely with Revo Uninstaller Pro and installed the new version of Firefox 19.0.2 from the Mozilla website to see if that makes any difference. But still the browser was taking ages to load websites completely, and couldn’t load some websites (which use Flash or Javascript or some other code) completely. At first I thought it was the problem with my Internet connection and even got my port changed to a new one. But the problem was still there. So, I installed Google Chrome web browser and it was loading the same websites at blazing speeds just as Firefox used to do until I found the problem. So, Then I confirmed that it was the problem with Firefox itself and not a problem with my ISP or my system.

I tried several procedures to solve the problem to get Firefox back to its normal fast website loading state, but none helped. Finally I tried to change the way how Firefox connects to the Internet and it worked like a charm. I set Firefox to connect the Internet with “No Proxy” and the browser got back to its normal speed. To do that, all you have to do is go to “Tools” and then “Options” and then click “Advanced” tab and then select the “Network” tab and under “Connection” and “Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet” message click “Settings” and at the top of the window under “Configure proxies to access the Internet” message select “No Proxy” radio button and then click the “Ok” button at the bottom of the window and you are done. After I followed the procedure my Firefox has got back to its normal speeds. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you. I am giving the procedure below again.

Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Under Connection > Settings > Under Configure proxies to access the Internet > No Proxy > Ok.