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What is Maturity and what is your Maturity Level?

What is Maturity and what is your Maturity Level? : So what is Maturity?

The word “Maturity” can be defined in a number of ways by a number of people or books or anything. But as far as I am concerned Maturity is a mental state in which you can understand and decipher the meaning of actions done by people or actions that took place or will take place and leading a life without causing any troubles to others or causing any troubles to yourself by your actions. It means whatever you do should not cause people to laugh at you or show their anger as it has affected them in a bad way, provided they haven’t done anything bad to you earlier and you are not acting to take revenge on them.

Maturity is a mental state in which you can guess (almost correctly, if not 100%) the motive behind why something has happened in a certain way, why someone has done like that, and leading your life in a correct way, without showing any mental disorders like “making fun of others for no reason”, “behaving in a way that suggests you are better than others” kind of things. To guess the motive/cause behind why something has happened in a certain way, a mature person first thinks of all the possible causes that have prompted something to happen in that way. Later he would choose one, which has the most probability to be the actual one. In the same case an immature person might pick one just because he thinks that is the actual one behind the action, without thinking or giving much thought to the many possible ways behind the action.

The best example for an immature person is the one who sets different kinds of rules for others and different kinds of rules to themselves. I mean, what is right for them is considered to be wrong in the case of others by their immature thinking. These type of people are very dangerous and you’d better be away from them. Also a lot of people have immature desires like “to show others their wealth”, or “to show they are special by showing any of their skills only for the purpose of expecting some praise from others” or “to show others their expensive car” kind of things. Now, let’s talk about a case. Say there are two top-class bodybuilders, the first one has come to the field only because the likes his body in a great shape and it gives him self-satisfaction. But the second one has come to the field only to show others his good-shaped body and to show he is different from a common person. With that kind of mind set what he generally expects from others is praise and claps. Needless to say the second one is the immature (if possible, worst-mature) in the above case.

In my life, so far, I have seen a lot of people who simply live for others and not for themselves. I mean, they always try to make a good impression on others, whatever it is. Whatever they do, they do it to look good in the eyes of others. A girl I know tries to show others how many gold and diamond ornaments she has, whenever she goes to any functions or parties. A former friend of mine likes to show how wealthy he is by buying any new gadget or bike or car. The problem with this kind of people is they expect something in return, they expect some praise from you, they expect some amazed look from you. One guy tries to boast about how good he is at bike riding, one tries to boast how many girl friends he has, one tries to boast about his relations with celebrities, one tries…….. the list goes on. I used to frown at this kind of people, these days I simply stay away from them without even considering them humans.

Here comes the most dangerous as well as tactful people. This kind of people play a lot of tactics on others to their benefits. This so called friend of mine, when I was doing my graduation, used to ask me not to bring any friends to our room, not to be close to our seniors, not to go to others’ rooms. But he did all of them, he brought his as well as my friends to our room regularly, he maintained good relations with our seniors, he frequently visited others’ rooms. All he needed was some special attention towards him, he wanted the room to be called his room, he wanted to receive any benefits he might get from seniors all by himself, he wanted to be pictured as a good and social person by visiting the rooms of our classmates. The very first time he asked me not to bring any friends to our room and then he brought them to our room himself, I realized he was such kind of person. I kept calm and was on my normal daily routine as what he wanted (some special attention, the advantages of maintaining close relations with seniors, he wanted our room called ******’s room, LOL) was of no interest to me. What amazed me was this guy planned everything and lead his life according to the plan, but not career plans or anything to that effect. He planned how to become famous or how to attract the attention of people. Holy Crap, I can’t forget this immature character in my life.

Some more immature as well as dangerous people are “People who pretend to be your well wishers and actually work and feel happy for your failures”. One more type are “People who expect something (money or any damn thing) from you and act as your well wishers, generally these use tactics like “they would be of great help to you later” or “they matter a lot in the society so that you would get a lot of help from them later”. It’s not always easy to find out who is your well-wisher and who is a traitor. But, you can easily find out people who use this kind of tactics, ar least I did. I generally get pissed off if anyone started talking about how advantageous it is to me being with them. That would result in an instant cut-off from my side. If ever I need any help from anyone, I would just ask them that, but my attitude wouldn’t be like ” you will get these benefits from helping me this time”. I hate that kind of people.

I used to show somewhat interest in multiple choice tests titled “What is your Level of Maturity”, “How mature are you”, “Your maturity level” and “How good a human being are you” kind of tests until I noticed a good number of questions in each of these tests are missing the answers that I (want to choose) think are correct. Also a good number of their questions contained ridiculous answers, making it impossible to choose an answer. People are of different kinds, People think in different ways. These 4 answers to a particular question cannot satisfy the minds of crores of different people. Among them, at least a couple of lakhs of people should be mature, these four answers to a question cannot satisfy all of them either. So, the fact is you cannot estimate the Maturity Level of a person by these tests. Only a questionnaire where you can answer in detail with multiple paragraphs can estimate your “Maturity Level”. Although I don’t bother about these multiple choice question tests anymore, I still show a bit interest and read a couple of questions only to find out the tests are not for mature people. I still have to stumble on a correct maturity test.

Web hosting, Domain name and running your web site

Web hosting, Domain name and your web site

So what is web hosting and what is domain name and what do you need to know to run your own web site? Well, I am going to put it in a simple way.

Web Hosting is a service which makes your web site available online (on the Internet). It’s just like a room or shop for your business. Suppose you wanted to start your own supermarket in a famous locality near your city. What do you do? You go and search for a better locality and try to rent a good shop for your supermarket. Same is the case with web hosting. Web hosting is like a room for your shop. You can compare web hosting similar to a shop that you rent for your physical shop.

When it comes to Domain name “Domain name is simply a name just like your name or your physical shop name which with people recognize that the shop belongs to you”. But domain name has some rules and regulations. Normally it would be in the form like”www.example.com” or “http://example.com” or “http://www.example.com”. Here you have to replace the “example” with your desired name for your site. And the last “com” kind of words (for example “org, net, info, us, co.in, uk……..) are called top-level domain (TLD). You can take any of your desired “TLD” as per the availability. But normally people go for “com”, and this is the TLD that is in great demand at the moment.

One more thing about domain registration is you have to get your domain registered at a ICANN accredited company. There are many companies that are accredited to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It is the governing authority of Domain registration. And don’t go to a company just because they are offering domains for less price. Always do a small research. Namecheap and Godaddy are two good companies in domain registration. Once you got your own domain you have to login to your account and change the name servers to your web hosting provider name servers.

To manage your site, every web hosting provider gives you access to a panel called control panel. It can be the hosting provider’s own control panel or from some famous site management and configuration application softwares like “CPanel”. CPanel is the most famous software for managing your site configuration. It comes with “Fantastico”, an auto-installer scripts library. With “Fantastico” you can install many famous scripts (wordpress, joomla, phb forums…….) with a few clicks, which is a lot easier than manual installation.

And coming to setting up your site, you can use free and best website management systems like “wordpress” or “Joomla” and use many free scripts and image galleries to add more spice to your web site. Or if you want hand-coded site you can hire anyone and get it done. You have to experience all of this personally. Nobody is skilled in anything by birth. I didn’t know anything when I first started. As the time went, I experimented and learned from my mistakes. After you have set up your site you have to learn one thing “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) a thing which is used to better the search engine ranking of your site. “SEO” can only be learned by experimenting a lot and thinking and analyzing the data of your site or others’ sites. In my next post I will explain about Search Engine Optimization.

Below is a banner of a good web hosting provider. If you want reliable web hosting service, you can click on the banner and check what they offer for you. The company has evolved the most famous web hosting provider as well as a reliable one. You can trust them.

Unlimited Web hosting?

Is there any thing as unlimited web hosting? Can you trust such a claim by any (famous)web hosting company? Can you expect a better hosting experience from them?

Many top web hosting companies are offering unlimited web hosting these days besides big hosting packages like 500 or 600 Giga Bytes of web space and 5 to 6 Tera Bytes of bandwidth. But before you go for the service of any web hosting company (be it big or small or Industry leader), you have to read their terms very carefully. It is because even though they offer unlimited or big hosting packages like 500gb web space and 5 Tera bytes bandwidth, they put some words in their terms of service which might cause your hosting account getting banned if your website uses a lot of CPU resources.

There are many top web hosting companies that ban your hosting accounts if your site is going to consume more resources than they state in their terms. Getting your site banned is really a worst experience. To prevent it, all you have to do is have a clear understanding of the nature of traffic you are going to get.

UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING: There are no such things as unlimited web space or unlimited bandwidth. The amount of disk space and bandwidth any company gets is limited to a number, depending on the disks they have and the line. If they have 1 disk of 100gb capacity, they can only give you 100gb web space and not more. Likewise bandwidth is. For those who don’t know what bandwidth is here is the answer. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic you get. Suppose one person visits your site, a little unit of bandwidth is used, depending on the activities of the visitor on your site. If you get more visitors, more bandwidth is used. And if you offer and downloads from your site; like software downloads, wallpaper downloads, movie downloads, you need more bandwidth than normal sites. Also sites like Youtube, which offer free online video watching facility require a lot of bandwidth.

The web hosting companies know there is no such thing as unlimited web hosting and they can’t provide anyone unlimited web hosting if they needed large and infinite amount of web hosting. Then how come they offer Unlimited web hosting? Those companies only offer these unlimited web hosting packages based on the fact that a normal website uses only about a few Mb’s of web space and a few Gb’s of bandwidth.

But don’t come to the conclusion that the companies which offer unlimited web hosting are fraud. There are many top companies that are offering unlimited web hosting. And these are all very good web hosting providers. An example for this is Hostgator. Below is a banner of the company, if you want to check what they offer, please click on it and visit their site.

In fact, I have never seen any average site use more than 1 GB of web space and 100 GB of bandwidth (except sites like youtube, wikipedia, metacafe……….etc which need to store a large amount of data for the purpose they were set up). But whether your site is small or big and whether your desired web hosting account is small or big or unlimited, NEVER FORGET TO READ THEIR TERMS VERY VERY….. CAREFULLY. Otherwise you would land in trouble like some of the guys I know of.

Godaddy.com or Nodaddy.com?

Godaddy.com is definitely the top domain registrar out there. But is Godaddy.com a good domain registrar from the customer point of view? Personally, I don’t like them, it is not because I know something bad about them but because I just don’t like the registration process there. Whenever you register a domain at godaddy.com, you will have to go through all of their headache-causing discount offers for registrations of additional domains along with your desired domain. That maybe called shrewd business, but I can’t stand that kind of excessive unnecessary business practice.

Now, what is Nodaddy.com? Nodaddy.com is a website that lists all the bad information about Godaddy.com. It is a hate website for godaddy just like PayPalsucks.com, PayPalsucks.org, PayPalwarning.com and aboutpaypal.org are hate websites (they list so much information about PayPal) for PayPal.com. Before I went to Nodaddy.com, I didn’t know anything about Godaddy.com except that it is one of the famous and big domain registrars. But after reading a lot of cases and problems about godaddy on nodaddy, I quickly changed my opinion about godaddy. It’s not that Godaddy is bad, In fact, Godaddy is one of the most used domain registrars out there. Probably Godaddy has served many happy customers. And may have had some unhappy customers.

But it’s bad about something that attracts more attention than good. So, if you are going to register a domain with godaddy, first check all the websites that post bad information about them and then decide yourself. And personally, I have seen many of my friends use Godaddy without any problems. On the other hand, I have read many horror stories and bad experiences with godaddy on nodaddy.

Data Recovery Software Programs

Do you know you can recover data from your computer hard disk even if it was deleted from the Recycle Bin or if you deleted the data using Shift+Delete key? There are many software programs available on the Web that can recover your data safely and securely, both free and paid software. You can even recover your files after you formatted your Hard Drive or reinstalled Windows. By using these software programs you can easily recover deleted files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, accidentally deleted files, or lost due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

The only requirement to recover your data successfully is that the data shouldn’t be overwritten. It means,to successfully recover the lost files no data should be downloaded to or replaced on your hard drive. It is because the data on your hard drive is stored in small memory locations, so even if the data is lost, the memory location where the lost data was previously stored is not written by other data, then you can still recover the data successfully. But if the memory locations that were used to store the data you are now trying to recover are overwritten with other data, you cannot recover your files, even if you managed to recover them, they wouldn’t be in a good state to reuse. So, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SHOULDN’T DOWNLOAD OR TRANSFER OTHER DATA TO YOUR HARD DISK IF YOU WANT TO SUCCESSFULLY RECOVER YOUR DATA.

Free Web Hosting service providers

Probably, some of you have your own Websites or blogs where you share your thoughts, post important news, review products and services. Is your blog hosted on free web hosting service or paid web hosting service? It is because I had done a lot of research in the Web Hosting field before I selected Hostgator for this blog. In my research, I came to know a lot of facts about this web hosting business. With my experience, I advise you not to take any free web hosting for your blog or website if you are serious about your online presence.

It is because of the fact most of the free web hosting services uptime is not good. You would experience a lot if downtime with most of the free web hosts. Since the service is free, you can’t complain about it. And most of the free web hosts out there are real scam web hosting service providers, which are actually setup to give away as many free hosting accounts as possible on their not-so-good servers and later sell the company to a big host, which may use all the free accounts to their advantage or change the free hosting service to paid hosting.

And some of those so-called free hosts are not actually free hosts, because they offer free hosting with limited features (with one or no MySql databases, no addon domains, little disk space and bandwidth etc). Often they ask you to pay some onetime fee to get MySql databases or any other important feature. Yet, they advertise their service as free hosting. And many free web hosting companies disappear very soon (in a couple of months) after their grand start, leaving you unable to access all of your content and work. So, Never use a free web host.

Shared Web Hosting service

Shared Web Hosting service is where a number of websites are put on one web server connected to the Internet. This is the cheapest kind of web hosting among all the types of web hosting services like virtual server hosting, dedicated web hosting etc. Almost all the companies that offer web hosting offer shared web hosting. Some of the big names are HostGator, HostMonster, LunarPages, MidPhase, BlueHost, DreamHost, ANHosting etc.

In shared web hosting, all the server maintenance is taken care of the provider and you need not worry about maintaining the servers or any stuff of that kind. Also there are a couple of problems with shared web hosting like if one or a couple of websites use excessive server resources, all the websites that are hosted on the server may experience downtime. Your website may go down even if it doesn’t use much system resources, because of the other websites that use excessive CPU resources which eventually lead to server down. But since shared web hosting is a lot cheaper than Virtual Private servers and Dedicated servers, many people use it although some of them know it may not be a better choice for their website.

WordPress free blog or Google BlogSpot (Blogger)?

Which blog do you use? Free WordPress or Google BlogSpot? Both WordPress and Blogger are good in my opinion. But with Blogspot, you can put ads on it and use it to make money without having to pay a dime to those guys. But with Free WordPress, you can’t use it for advertising or SEO (to promote your sites with the blog) purposes. That is against their terms of service. And when they find out you are using it to make money or advertise products, they simply delete the blog without any warning. I didn’t know it, until one of my blogs got deleted. You need to pay them to use it for advertising.

Most people that are blogging with free WordPress blog are using it to make money, advertising products, and for SEO purposes. In fact, most of them don’t know that it is against WordPress’ Terms Of Service (TOS). The sad thing is, they learn that it is against the Terms Of WordPress when their blog has been archieved and  that has been informed them via Email by WordPress. Of course, you can get it up again by using the import feature to import all the posts and export the file to your own domain with your own hosting. But, that’s something not everybody likes. In my opinion, WordPress is better than blogspot for their Search Engine Optimization. What do you say?

Where to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you have a website or blog and you manage it all by yourself, you need to know a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is nothing but making your website look good in the eyes of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN (Live) etc. There are two kinds in SEO when it comes to optimizing your website.

1. On-page Optimization

2. Off-Page optimization

On Page Optimization is where you optimize the code, content, any scripts of your website. It has to do with the pages of your website, the coding, using meta tags, etc. In other words, you change the coding of your website according to the requirements of Search Engines for better visibility and inserting the required tags in place.

Off Page Optimization is where you get links to your website, submit the site to directories, social bookmarking sites, etc. In order to get authority in the view of Search Engines you need to get quality back links from famous sites. The phrase “Quality Backlinks” means that your site have a link in any of the famous websites (of your niche) out there.

What is Internet Slang?

Internet Slang is the language Internet users have coined and popularized, the purpose of which is to save keystrokes and to express what they want to say in less letters (or words). Internet Slang is called in many terms: Internet slang, Internet language, Netspeak, Chatspeak, Leetspeak, Computer Language, 1337 (or leet) are some of the mail terms to refer to the language used by netizens. Internet Slang is widley used in SMS, Text Messages, and Instant Messaging conversations.

Some of the examples of Internet Slang are using “IMHO” to mean “In My Honest Opinion”, “BTW” to mean “By The Way”, “BRB” to mean “Be Right Back” etc. Internet Slang mostly contain Acronyms, keyboard symbols, and shortened words. There are many kinds in this type of language. “Leet” is one type of Internet Slang. In this type words are written in letters: example: “Monkey” could be written as “m0nk3y” also the name of this slang “Leet” itself could be written as “1337″. Although Internet Slang is highly informal just as all the other types of slang, it is higly used among netizens.